Thursday, June 2, 2011

1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday, Alec!!

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We had a small party for Alec this past Sunday, even though his actual birthday wasn't until today.  My parents were going to be in the area that weekend, so it worked out great.  As I was pulling up these pictures I noticed I didn't take one picture of the boys WITH any of their grandparents.  Sorry!

Step away from my cake!
He's not bashful.

Ethan enjoyed shoveling cake into his mouth too!
We all enjoyed a great BBQ (thanks, dear!), cake and homemade ice cream (thanks Papa!) and then headed inside for Alec to open his great gifts.

Both kids are screaming to be let down but Nick wasn't going to let that ruin the picture!

Since we had Alec's party on Sunday, we didn't have big plans for his birthday today. Luckily, we can still get away with that at this age. We did have a nice and relaxing day though, and sang him Happy Birthday about 73 times.  Here are some pictures from today:

A birthday cookie
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  1. Such a cutie! I can't believe he's already a year! Happy belated birthday to Alec. :)