Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fire Station Visit

We joined our Mom's group this morning and went to a Fire Station for a tour. We saw where the firefighters cook, eat, sleep, workout and hang out as well as check out all their awesome gear.  Ethan was on his best behavior (despite the one time he took off running toward the street!) and even answered a few of the questions correctly.  When the firefighter was showing us all the tools they used to fight fires Ethan piped up and shouted, "MY DAD HAS THOSE TOOLS IN OUR GARAGE!!!!".  He wasn't bashful one bit.

Apparently we have one of those tools in our garage.

Alec chilled in the stroller the entire time, which was a relief to me, because really, this guy is heav-y!

Ethan could have sat there and chatted with this fireman for hours.

Ethan wouldn't get in the picture with us, which was the exact moment he took off toward the street!

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