Monday, June 20, 2011

Great-grandma's Red Chair

Taken in Alec's Great Grandma's yard.
My mom, the boys and I went to Iowa last week for a visit with my family.  I hadn't taken the kids up there before now (it's a 6 hour drive, need I say more?) but was happy we went.  The boys met loads of relatives and enjoyed hanging out with each and every one of them.

We were there for 3 nights total, which was just the right amount of time.  We stayed at my step-dad's mom's house (Great Grandma Jo) since she has lots of room.  She raised 11 kids in that house so there were definitely enough bedrooms for all of us to have our own.  Ethan and I shared the room with 2 beds in it, which worked out well when he fell out of the bed in the middle of the night!

I didn't take a lot of pictures while we were there, but wished I would have now.  We visited with 2 Great Grandma's, 1 Grandpa, loads of Great Aunts and Uncles, 1 Great Great Aunt, 2 Aunts and Uncles, 1 second cousin, 1 third cousin, 4 first cousins and many more! Ethan went nearly 4 days without his daily nap, and actually managed to act like himself most of the time despite being exhausted and going to bed late a couple nights. Alec was a trooper and kept up with his regular routine no matter where I plopped down his pack-n-play.  All in all, these guys are pretty good travelers (it also helped that my mom brought 12 DVD's and a million toys)!

The family we have in Iowa all seem to live out on farms so there were no quick shopping trips or sight-seeing or nice restaurants.  Just a lot of visiting and catching up (and tons of food from the grandma's!), which was all very relaxing, but towards the end I know all of us were looking forward to our own beds and our regular routine.  

Ethan in Grandma Shurtleff's yard

The view from Grandma Jo's

The view from Grandma Shurtleff's

Til next time, Iowa!


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  1. How fun and memorable! I love the giant smiley face :)