Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Love Letter to You

Dear Alec,

Four hours from now, it's officially your first birthday.  At 2:11am, June 2nd, you entered this crazy world and met your new family (thankfully you didn't retreat back into my belly after we introduced ourselves!).  Your brother told us you'd be born on "two", so you must have clued him in on your arrival because he nailed it.

I still remember many of the tiny details of that early morning, everything from the sound of your heartbeat on the baby monitor during delivery to the very first kiss I laid on your cheek to your tiny pink fingers touching my neck for the first time. I also remember our first night together in the hospital.  It was just you and me.  We snuggled for a long time and then I put you in your tiny little baby bed right next to my bed so I could rest, but I didn't rest.  I kept the light on dim and stared at you, you sucked on your finger while your little body twitched as you slept. Those first few fresh newborn days contain some of my most cherished moments with you.  I hope never to forget them.

Not knowing whether you and your brother would share several traits or not, your Dad and I were eager to see you grow and develop your personality.  You proved to be a fairly laid back baby (excluding the times you had to ride in a car and screamed at the top of your lungs, for 3 months straight) and you were much more of a spectator than a player.  You and your brother definitely have different personalities and interests and I look forward to seeing how your differences shape who you become.

When you were 8 months old we left Wichita and moved to the Kansas City area, so you'll never remember the house you were brought home to but our new home is much more kid friendly (and easier on your knees with some carpet!) plus there's so much to see in our new city.  You adapted so well to the move and started sleeping through the night once we got settled, which you still do, thankfully.

You decided to hold off on crawling until you were nearly 11 months old, and I must admit, I was thankful for.  Because really, chasing after you and your brother is exhausting!  Your favorite part of the house are the stairs, and while you have yet to fall, I dare not let you climb up without the safety net of my arms.  You also like to be chased and kick it into high gear to get away.  Despite weighing a lot (25lbs+ possibly?) you sure do cruise.  As for words, your pretty stingy with letting us hear them.  Every now and then a "mama" or "dada" comes out but nothing more at this point.

You've become a snuggle thief lately and I loooove it.  You'll be minding your own business and then make your way over to me (or your dad) and nose dive into our lap or crawl up to lay your head on our shoulder.  You rarely stay but for a minute, but you do it over and over again and those are the best minutes of the day.  You're always so warm and squishy, and the kisses you give are to die for.

There's so much more I could write to you but I know you have a short attention span (seriously, like 2 seconds) so I'll wrap this up.  It sounds so cliche but I love you more than you'll ever know, maybe someday you'll realize it.   I'm also eternally grateful that you're mine and that I'm yours.

Happy 1st Birthday.

Love always,

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  1. How sweet, Sherry! And Happy, Happy first birthday, Alec!

  2. Beautiful and Happy First Birthday Alec!

  3. I love this! What a great keepsake for him as he grows! I can't believe a year has gone by already...he's growing into such a beautiful little man :)