Monday, July 4, 2011

The Birthday Celebration

This was the first year Ethan *sort of* had an opinion about this birthday theme.  He and Nick spotted a Cars Movie pinata at Target a couple months ago and Nick told him he could have one for his birthday.  Ethan didn't forget about it as his birthday approached so there was no turning back.  

Ethan's Grandma, Papa, Nana, Aunt Kate, Uncle Matt, and cousins Dakota, Gavin and Mallory all came over to celebrate on Saturday.  It was absolutely wonderful having all this family in our home, we're very thankful they all took the time to travel to our house for Ethan's big day...thanks guys!

My first go at a cake, turned out pretty cute I think.

Ready to blow out his candles.
The Cars pinata
The cousins chowing down on cake and ice cream.
 Ethan opening some great gifts. See the "My First Skeleton"? We've since named him Mr. Bones and are in the process of learning the names of each bone. Great gift, Grandma!
The aftermath of the pinata. Candy galore! Alec grabbed 2 suckers and bolted before anyone could take them away!
 Nana playing balloon volleyball.
Mallory and Ethan.
Then the fun really started.
 Nick launched each kid down the Cars slip-n-slide, we have the perfect hill in our yard for it.  They had an absolute BLAST cooling off!
Even Alec joined in and crawled/slid up and down the slide.
Water balloons!
All five cousins.
Alec proved to be a daredevil on the slip-n-slide, he swallowed a lot of water but that didn't stop him.
We have one teeny tree in backyard to provide shade so it was hot! I think the adults entertained the idea of jumping in the water.

The party was a big hit, I'm so happy everyone had fun (it's the simple things that kids cream, water toys and cousins).  I don't think there was one second of whining, crying or pouting....until it was dinner time.  Ethan skipped his nap which we never allow, so he hit a brick wall while we were at Oklahoma Joe's for dinner. Big meltdown, one in which we knew there was going to be no recovery from.  Poor guy was just tired, so home he went to bed.  I'm sure he wouldn't have had it any other way though, he had an event-packed fun day!

Alec and Papa right before they headed back home the day after the party.


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  1. Happy Birthday, Ethan!!!

    The cake looks fabulous, Sherry - great job! It sounds like he had a great third birthday...and I would kill for some Oklahoma Joe's right now!

  2. Happy Birthday! Looks like it was a good one. : ) And LOVE the cake. I'm so jealous of your tallent!