Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Curious plumber and other tidbits

Alec gets into everything.  When Ethan was his age we never had to completely child-proof the house.  We had a couple gates and some outlet covers, that was it.  Ethan was curious but the worst thing he ever did was toss a few toys in the toilet.  So as Alec becomes more and more adventurous, I'm sure we'll have to visit the Safety First section at Target often. I just bought those cabinet locks this morning because I found Alec licking the Dawn dish soap bottle!  

So anyway, here is Alec crawling under the bathroom sink in our basement. He had every single drawer and cabinet opened and luckily for me, they are all empty.

In other Alec news, he's continuing to blossom into a young boy each day.  I always seem to be blind to the baby-turned-toddler phase, or it just happens so quickly I don't catch it. Anyway, he's become so interactive and is trying to talk and while he hasn't started walking yet (Nick and I produce late walkers), he has been giving it some serious thought. For now he's focusing his efforts on standing unassisted. He can push the walker around like a crazy drunk driver though, our walls show the proof.

His vocabulary isn't terribly big yet but if he follows in his big brother's steps, I'm sure he'll be a jabber box in no time.  So far he makes certain sounds for a few words:
grunt noise=Woof!
He is getting the hang of signing the word "more", can point to his hair and nose and will lift his shirt to show you his big belly button. He definitely has the head shake down pat and can nod yes as well. 

 I told Nick the other day that one of the many things I love most about the boys is how different they are from one another. Ethan was (and still is most of the time) quite mellow, loving, laid back, gentle, cautious and happy.  Alec is also a very happy and loving, but boy, he has attitude! He's quick to turn on the tears when it doesn't go his way, but is also quick to shut them off, thankfully.  He'll fall on his belly, kick and scream when I won't let him do something he shouldn't, or when I want to change his diaper or clothes.  He'll arch his back and kick his stout legs in protest, and this boy is heavy, so not dropping him is something I actually have to think about.  One last difference in the two is the amount of snuggling they did at this age.  Alec is my snuggler, and I love every single second.  He gives the best bear hugs ever.  Ethan hugs often too, but they're more like mini-hugs, with Alec I can just hold on for a long time. I sure love these kids of mine. 

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