Friday, July 15, 2011

How to paint a stripe-For dummies like me

After living here for 4 1/2 months or so, we've worked on nearly every room (other than the basement) with the exception of the boys' rooms.  Ethan's room was boyish enough to please him temporarily and Alec wouldn't care if his room was pink polka dots.  And really, the main way we did any work at all was to do it after the boys went to bed, so finding time to paint their rooms was nearly impossible.

And then a window of opportunity presented itself when I enrolled Ethan in Vacation Bible School for 4 days, from 9-11:30am.  I bought all my supplies beforehand and was ready to rock-n-roll after I dropped him off.  Another plus was that Alec napped at 9 so I had 2 full hours to work on this project, and I needed every second of that time to finish. From beginning to end it took me about 12 hours here and there to complete.

Because I'm terribly talented now and am basically a self-taught expert stripe painter, I thought I'd share my painting journey with you by offering an easy-to-follow step-by-step process just in case you had a hankering to paint a stripe on your wall too.

Quick confession before moving on.  Ethan actually picked out the green color himself, no help from dear ol' me. Now, normally I 'd stand in front of the 3 million color samples and hem and haw for 50 minutes before choosing a color but this particular day I had 2 sassy kids with me and needed to feed them, so I saw this white and blue and thought they made a nice trio. I snatched up the cards and bought my paint without really having a plan because, after all, I am a risk taker you know.

Step 1?  Step 1 is for sissies. Let's jump right to Step 2. 

I wished painting was as quick to do as writing this post was, gahh!  It looks so easy to do (and really, it is easy) but be prepared to spend some quality time with your paint and tape.  However, if you have an extra set of hands you might save yourself about 6 hours...holding a laser light level while marking the walls requires flexibility and finesse.  Both of which I lack.

Give me another 4 1/2 months and I'll write about Alec's new room!

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  1. Oh, Sherry... you make me laugh! It looks great, though. I've been wanting to do some creative painting in the house for a while now. If I ever do, I'll have to dicument it too! :)

  2. It looks amazing, Sherry! So grown up and Pottery-barn like ;) I love where you put the stripe, too...and the part about vodka.

  3. Hahah! Thank you for sharing! I personally wouldn't have had the patience for all of that, but the vodka part sounds about my speed ;) The room looks great!!

  4. This looks AWESOME! And your wit is refreshing at the end of my long day - thanks for the chuckles...I'm off to find me some vodka :)