Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Oh, the million different kid activities to do in the Kansas City area!  I can't keep them all straight.  Sometimes I even remember to bring my camera.

Nick's sister and her 2 little ones were in town so we checked out Wonderscope.  It's an old school building that has been transformed into a kids museum.  Perfect for the 4 little kids, Alec even had a room solely for toddlers his age.  I didn't get any pictures of Gavin, he took off every time I pulled out my camera, but he was there too.

Mallory and Ethan at the farmer's market.

Mallory and Ethan playing checkout. 

Dr. Mallory fixing up Baby Jane.  She makes a pretty good doctor, doesn't she?

Dr. Ethan assisting.

Alec found these doctor glasses and did NOT want to take them off.

Face painting and water coloring, what more could a 3 year old want?
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