Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Nick has wanted an old, rugged jeep for a long time and he thought now was the time to buy one.  His dad and ex-step-dad were both jeep lovers so it was only a matter of time before Nick had one of his own I suppose.  As luck would have it, he was able to buy one that used to belong to his ex-step-dad.  It's very rough around the edges and is lacking in anything remotely luxury, however, from what I'm learning, it's got some mad rock climbing skills. Ethan was especially excited to ride in it so we bought a couple car seats that would actually fit so they could both enjoy the wind in their hair (no rock climbing for these guys!).

Nick and a friend drove out to Colorado to pick up the jeep, and were able to stay a couple days and drive some trails.  The pictures he sent me were gorgeous, I'm still a little bitter I didn't get to go.  The pictures below show the gorgeous Colorado background and a few happy boys going for a ride.

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