Monday, October 3, 2011

Busy doing this and that

I pulled out our fall wreath and a couple Halloween decorations this past weekend.  October 1st seemed appropriate for that.  Last year Ethan had just started to grasp Halloween but this year he's all over it and has opinions left and right.  His idea for a costume has changed about 6 times so I'm not sure what he's going to decide on (UPS man, policeman or spiderman are all contenders at this very minute).  No ideas for Alec yet, but I'm sure he'll rip off anything I put on him anyhow. 

My mom came up this past weekend so Nick and I could go to the KU football game with friends.  We missed the first half (possibly my fault for reading the start time wrong?) and they lost but it was great getting out and having some adult interaction.  Mom and the boys had lots of fun playing too, Ethan doesn't ever stop going so I'm sure my she went home exhausted.  Before she left we went to Deanna Rose Farm for a quick visit.  The boys did the usual.  They fished, rode a pony, played, and fed baby goats.  Only took a few pictures:

Here's a throwback picture of Ethan on his first horse ride.  He was about 14 months old here (and in mid-blink):

Lastly, root beer is a very special treat for Ethan.  Beth happened to have some mini mugs that were Nick and Kate's when they were young and now Ethan has one too!  Nothing like a frosty mug of root beer to put a smile on a kid's face...or to bribe them into being good. Works like a charm.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Sherry - the boys are getting SO big! We miss you guys!