Friday, November 4, 2011

Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

We had a first at our house tonight, Nick nearly peed his pants while Ethan almost got knocked out.  

Let me explain.

We put the boys to bed at 8 as usual, and about 8:45 we heard a thump come from Ethan's room.  Not a big deal, he's usually up there playing for awhile before he finally throws his hands up and closes his heavy lids.  I did, however, start leaving his door cracked because he's always scared to be left alone so a fleeting image of him creeping down the steps entered my mind (he's never left his room before).  Nick and I talked about how freaky it would be to see him on the dark steps with his little faced pressed against the spindles, listening to us blab.  As we're talking about this, Nick was in the living room with me and was making his way into the dimly lit kitchen when all of a sudden I heard the loudest man-shriek I'd ever heard followed by the crying of a little boy. It actually took me a few seconds to realize what had happened. Ethan had snuck all the way downstairs and into the dark kitchen

Crouching Tiger.

After everyone wiped up their puddle of pee and stopped shaking, we told Ethan how much he scared his dad and that's why he yelled and that's why you STAY IN YOUR BED, SON!  Nick said he was crouched down in the dark corner of the kitchen when he walked in, and that after having just talked about how creepy it'd be to see him, it was a freaky, scary, surreal experience.  His adrenaline had been cranked up in an instant. Frankly, it ruined Nick's night...he couldn't get it out of his head. He was a scaredy cat the rest of the night. 

Our fingers are crossed that this was a one-time ordeal, that Ethan was as equally spooked. Nick's heart can't take another scare like that, and I'm certain I would have karate chopped his little tiger body before realizing who he was.  We're also hoping that if there is a next time, that it isn't in the dead of night in our bedroom...while we're fast asleep. 

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  1. Oh, no! And a little hahahaha at the same time ;) Ella has does this to us twice, once in the morning and once at was funny during the morning and downright terrifying at night.

    I hope Nick has made a full recovery!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a story to remember, PRICELESS! What a funny little guy. But poor Nick!