Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Franklin Stein


Ethan high-fiving Frankenstein (or Franklin Stein as Ethan calls him) in a neighbor's yard, it spooked him to begin with but they turned into buddies after a couple walk-by's.

Cute pumpkins, eh?

Two bad-ass super heros

Ethan says he's "the friendly neighborhood Spiderman" then throws his web at me. 

We only walked down one cul-de-sac to trick-or-treat, with Ethan leading the way. Alec walked up to nearly every door himself and held out his bag, I wasn't sure he'd be into it, but he took big brother's lead.  He was itching to open a piece of candy though. So after about 10 houses we'd collected enough loot and made our way back home to chow down and to pass out treats. 

We let them both have as much candy as they wanted that night and then no more after Halloween. Ethan thought he had some pretty cool parents, while we thought it'd be better than hearing them beg night after night for more.  He ended up eating 4 or 5 pieces and had had enough, so we were all happy.  Alec got a little taste of everything and is probably going through withdrawal as he keeps pointing to the candy bowl saying "mo, mo, mo, he didn't understand the whole "all you can eat" idea. 

The four of us hung out by the front door munching on the goodies, jamming to MJ's Thriller and passing out treats to the neighborhood kids.  Ethan was very strict with the "two pieces only" rule for all trick-or-treaters, poor kids.  

It's now 2 days after Halloween and Ethan has worn his Spiderman costume both days, he's definitely got a thing for Spidey this past month.  Lately he's been asking us to call him Peter Parker when he's out of costume, and to pretend we're bad guys while he's in's exhausting! 

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  1. Awwww, they're so cute - I just want to eat them up!

    After trick-or-treating, I let Ella have one piece of candy (poor Ollie got nothing) and then we sat on the front porch for an hour waiting for treaters. I was afraid we'd run out of candy, but we only had five kids (and only creepy adult)!

  2. Oh man, so cute!! Love that little Superman in the wagon!