Saturday, November 19, 2011

Long Ramblings and Random Pictures

It seems this blog has taken a back seat lately, I should really be posting pictures and writing about things the boys are interested in.  I have good intentions, it just hasn't happened.  We aren't a family who is on-the-go every single day or who attends 19 Halloween events within a 2 week period so I guess I never really feel like our everyday life is worth a blog post.  I think I'm wrong about that though, those so-called "boring" moments are the ones I need to capture because they are our life.  So, here's the boring stuff!  :)

Ethan is still enjoying his 2 mornings a week of pre-school, I know he enjoys his time with friends and his teacher. They make all sorts of crafts, have show-and-tell, chapel time and just this week they hosted "Thanksgiving Feast" in which all family was invited to enjoy.  He likes his teacher, gives her a hug and kiss every morning and often tells me stories about his classmates ("Kate is in Colorado on vacation, Chris got in trouble for hittin, I stood up to pee, Mrs. Dickerson likes Spiderman too!") all in one breath.

Spiderman is still a hot topic here, as I write this, Ethan is wearing his Halloween costume (best $16 I've ever spent) while telling me he has "spider sense".  He wore it to Home Depot last weekend and got lots of oooo's and ahhhh's from strangers but he couldn't figure out why they were all staring.  "I'm just Spiderman, do they think I'm really cool or something?".  To be 3 again!

Our bathrooms smell like pee.  I'd like to say we have a plumbing problem but that'd be a lie.  Truth is, Ethan is a horrible shot.  I'd rather he sit to pee but he wants to be like daddy so he stands and misses (like daddy??).  I don't know, but it's unpleasant and Lysol wipes aren't doing the trick.  I thought about tossing a cheerio to aim at but given Alec's love for all things edible (and he watches everything Ethan does), I'm afraid he'd dive in head first to retrieve it. Food, toilets, pee.  Not a good combo.  So for now, we have a stinky bathroom until his aim improves.

Ethan still causes Nick and I to cock our heads to the side by the things he says.  I've forgotten most of them now, of course, but the other day all four of us were practically sitting on top of each other on the couch and he said, "The whole fam-damily is on the couch".  I hope he doesn't say that at school, I might be asked to attend chapel time if so.  And then just yesterday he was coloring on a blank sheet of paper when I asked what he was drawing, he casually said, "It's abstract."  My ears perked up, "Abstract you say?".  I thought maybe he learned that from school but he told me it was from his favorite cartoon, Caillou.  I suppose watching a cartoon or two (or six) isn't so bad after all.

As for Alec, he's changing by leaps and bounds each week.  While he doesn't have a huge vocabulary that is terribly understandable, he definitely likes to mimic many words.  His favorite words to say are: more, up, down, bra-bra (brother), uh-huh, nope, ish (fish), shhh (shoe), EYE!!!!dada, eyed (outside), mamamammamamaaaaaaaa and my personal favorite, jew (drink).  Nick is 1/4th Jewish so it cracks us up when he walks up to Nick and shouts "JEW, JEW!".

He follows Ethan around the house the majority of the day, they seem to be having more and more fun as they get a little older. They both really like playing upstairs while I'm up there folding laundry (because a housewife's work is never done, ever).  The other day I was in my room and they were in Alec's room playing when I realized it was too quiet, so I knew something wasn't right.  I walked in and found everything from his closet that a 3 foot high person could reach, scattered on the floor and inside his crib. Ugh.

Ally (we call him Ally most of the time by they way, it just caught on, even though it's kind of girly) seems to be good with his KDO program one morning each week, he no longer screams his little head off when I leave him and he's all smiles when I pick him up.  They also make really cute crafts and have lots of little kid play time, I really enjoy his teachers (he has 3 or 4), they are so warm and friendly which is probably why Alec has a good time.  He goes to a different church than Ethan so I think they'll both attend Alec's church next year.

Alec has a protective streak in him, towards me, of course.  If Nick hugs or smooches me he'll try to pry us apart, or if Nick is pretending to rough play, Alec will yell at him and let him know he'd better not hurt his momma.  It's sweet actually, I think Alec just wants me all to himself.

Which leads me to the next thing Alec has been doing, while this has been going on for a long time, I'm not sure I've really mentioned it.  There are periods throughout the day (usually about 4 of them) in which he is in dire need of my complete undivided attention, usually while I'm in the shower or cooking dinner or on the phone.  If he doesn't get my full attention then all hell breaks loose and he's pissed.  Stomping around, screaming, crying and all around angry.  Have you ever tried cooking fried chicken (we're healthy like that) while holding a 27lb angry bowling ball?  I don't recommend it.

What else?  Well, we're looking forward to our first Christmas in our "new" home.  We've got a spot for the tree picked out and I already bought "Elf on a Shelf" and am itching to break it out December 1st.  The day after Thanksgiving is traditionally the day we break out the decorations and Nick climbs on the roof to hang lights without falling, so we'll be getting decked out before you know it.  

Lastly, Ethan takes off his socks each time he takes off his shoes.  I don't know why, he just doesn't like to be sock-footed.  Anyway, I end up with a thousand socks throughout the house no matter how hard I try to keep them in their proper home.  But it never fails,  I always find them under a couch cushion or in my underwear drawer, outside, or even in the trash can (thank you, Alec).  So it was honestly no surprise when I walked by this vase of flowers and something caught my eye.  

Glad I got us all caught up on our regular ol' lives, it only took me 14 hours to write this entire post in between doing a hundred other things today, so I'm happy to log off here and enjoy my 17 minutes of me-time before I hit the sack. 

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  1. Did Ethan really say, "whole fam damily?" Altough, it's probably a touch better than "I sharted" ;)

    I'm so happy that Alec is warming up to KDO - I'm sure that helps you feel better about leaving him and can now actually relax during your "you" time.

    Let me know how Elf on a Shelf works out for you guys. I want to get one for Ella, but they're so stinkin' expensive!

  2. Sorry I haven't been around to say hello has a crazy way of getting away from me these days! I'm SO comforted reading your posts, though...nothing boring about life with two boys! I can't believe how BIG Alec has gotten! Wasn't he just born YESTERDAY!?!? I have to say the sock thing made me giggle...Alex does the same thing with his socks and I find them EVERYWHERE...I just found one stuffed in the couch cushions and two more shoved between the towels in the bathroom. For Nate (the oldest) I've designated a spot on the floor outside the bathroom where he can drop his clothes on the floor...baskets have never worked but a designated spot meant just for dirty clothes works wonders...maybe worth a shot down the road? Anyway, thanks for updating us on your family! Hope your holidays are happy!!