Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mountain View

Nick and I took a (kid-free) vacation last week to Colorado.  I had never been there while Nick has been numerous times so there was LOTS to see and do.  We visited several cities and small towns so I got a taste of "touristy" Colorado and "simple living" Colorado.

We drove there, approximately 11 hours each way.  Surprisingly, the drive wasn't bad at all.  That could have been because we could be completely silent for 4 hours straight if we wanted to, nor did we have to play kid DVD's, pass out snacks every 15 minutes or stop every 40 miles for a pee break.  It was relaxing.

Our first stop was Frisco, CO.  It's just minutes outside of Breckenridge.  Frisco is a charming small town, lots of freshly fallen snow blanketed the entire city making it nice and cozy for our first night.  The next day we both agreed on doing a snowmobile tour in Breckenridge.  This was my favorite part of the trip.  We both drove our own with a tour guide and 3 other drivers.  We went up to an elevation of 11,500 feet to Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide.  The view was absolutely breathtaking.






After snowmobiling, we walked briefly around Breckenridge but it was super busy and we were ready to get to our next destination.  Nick has family in Salida, CO so we headed that way after a quick bite to eat.  It was an hour or two of driving down into the mountains, many curves and cliffs to watch out for but gorgeous gorgeous views!  I couldn't get over the fact that mountains surrounded us no matter which direction we looked.

The next day was our first attempt at skiing.  I was a huge ball of nerves, anxiety and excitement!  Nick had snowboarded once, 15 years ago, so we made reservations to have ski lessons.  After a couple hours of maneuvering down the teeny bunny slopes with our instructor we decided to hop on the ski lift and do the green slopes.  All I'm going to say is this...the wedge brake (aka Pizza) does NOT stop or even really slow an individual when going down the green slopes.  And holy cow, I could not get over the number of super-young kids who were skiing!  They were literally whizzing by me at a million miles an hour and looked like they'd been doing this of their 4 years of life.  

I fell approximately 174 times (including the 2 times I tried to gracefully dismount from the lift, ha!) and eventually got so disappointed that I gave up.  Nick was a lot better than me, and made a couple great first-time runs down the slopes.  See?  He's way up top on the right, wearing the red jacket...check out that nice stop at the end.  Show-off.




The last day we took it easy and did some sightseeing and drove to a couple different towns just to check them out.  We found this gorgeous area in Buena Vista near the river that had some really neat trails to hike or bike on.  I hear the summer activities are endless here and look forward to coming back to try some of them.



We got home shortly before the boys went to bed, so it was great to see them again.  We both got lots of hugs and Alec asked Nick to "nuggle" (snuggle) about 15 times that night so I think they were happy to see us too.  Our moms worked together to watch the boys while we were away, so a huge thank you to them.  As luck would have it, Alec got sick the day before we left and it got passed on to every single one of us about 12 hours apart.  I felt horrible for our moms but they were champs throughout it all (like moms always are!).

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  1. OH! A couples weekend!!! How fun! We haven't been there in ages... but you have inspired me to check it out. Thanks, Sherry!

  2. How exciting! I'm so happy you and Nick had some alone time!

    I love Colardo especially Breckenridge..though it sounds like I'm about as talented a skiier as you ;)

  3. Awesome! A kid-free vacation, how wonderful! I love that area and have been there a lot but never skied once. My husband loves to ski but I am always too chicken to try it. I feel like I am already too old for it, I'd just break something! :) What fun stuff you guys got to do, though. I would love to snowmobile. It's so scenic and beautiful in CO!

    I also LOVED the profile pics you did of your boys. THose were amazing! I tried to comment the day I read the post and, as always, stupid blogger was being difficult. Those were so cool.