Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Slip of the tongue

Alec's vocabulary has exploded these past couple months and its been fun hearing his little voice tell us what he's thinking.  He's always got an appetite so we hear "eat, eat, eat" a lot, he has also started stringing words together into one big word.  "Iwannaeat" is probably his favorite, followed by "Idontwanna" and "Iwantmypillow".  Kid knows what he wants.

A few days ago he kept saying "FOCK! FOCK! FOCK!", my heart skipped a few beats wondering where the heck he heard that word.  Certainly not from me.  Finally he shoved a sock in my face and I was instantly relieved.  Whew.  Now he always wants his socks off...and he lets me know.  "FOCK OFF MAMA!"  Anything else that starts with "s" makes me cringe a little.  Ethan has recently started soccer practice, so we hear a lot of "Bruh-ber focker" and with Valentine's Day we have our fair share of suckers in the house.  You get the picture...


If you can't view the video, click this link:

Our absolute favorite thing he says is "IwannaNuggle", we'll snuggle up to that guy any time of day. You can not resist.

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  1. This is awesome!! Hearing you describe it is funny enough, but to hear Alec say it personally, priceless!!!