Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day

What's better than waking up to your little kids tromping up the steps each holding a white rose for you?  Don't even try to answer that, because there is nothing better.  Thank you boys, for a great Valentine's Day.

Nick picked out my gym shoes, love them.

I realize that Valentine's Day isn't only about me, but I forgot to take even one picture of Ethan or Alec's special day.  Ethan had a little party at school, and came home with a backpack full of goodies.  Alec's school doesn't celebrate holidays with parties or treats, instead they focus on the theme of the holiday and gear their learning towards that subject.  But he and Ethan got a pair of Valentine's PJ's from Nick and I, and we had leftover cupcakes from Ethan's party so they were happy as could be.  I tried to get a picture of them in their jammies but they had other plans.

I hope your day was filled with love, too.
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