Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off to Grandma's we go.

I took the boys to my parents house last weekend for a quick visit.  Overall, it went very well.  Alec has never been a good companion in the car, and on the way there he didn't let me forget it. I cringed every time I heard him drop his toys.  Ethan did well sleeping somewhere other than his own home, the second night he was awake off and on from 2-4am but aside from that it went good.  Alec did super.

We got to Grandma and Papa's house in time for a little play time and then dinner on Friday.  My niece, Dakota, was there and she definitely got her fill of the boys.  She played, and played and played.  I was even able to get a quick dinner in with a couple of my girlfriends the next night! We stopped by the zoo Sunday before finally making our way home.  The boys did super on the car ride home, both of them taking a quick nap made the drive fly by.

Silly faces:

Papa reading Ethan a bedtime story, looks like it's working:

Alec did enjoy his trip to the zoo, the last time he'd been he was a newborn:

Grandma and Ethan:

Alec checking out the Rainforest:

Looking at the fish:

Ethan, Dakota and Alec:

Thanks guys for a fun weekend!

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Alec is getting his fair share of bumps and bruises lately.  In just a span of 2 days he managed to crack his forehead twice on the sharp edge of the sofa table, and then smack his eye on the edge fireplace ledge.  Tears were shed, but it wasn't long before he perked right back up.

He posed nicely for this picture:

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Monday, April 16, 2012


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Easter 2012

This post is a little late but it's here nonetheless!  The kids decorated eggs, Alec and I made a cotton ball rabbit and on Easter day they searched for hidden eggs several times.  Alec picked up the eggs, shook them and then tossed it if there wasn't a goodie inside.  Ethan just wanted to be the winner and collect more eggs than his brother so it all worked out.  Nana came over for a simple Easter dinner and lots of play time, too.
Rip up cotton balls then glue them on a paper plate:

Mess-free egg coloring! I bought this weird egg spinner, all the dye stays inside so no spilling.  Ethan liked helping, Alec pushed it once and was done.

This is probably Round #3 of the Egg Hunt.

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Friday, April 6, 2012


These candid pictures are my favorite. Alec and I had so much fun doing this, he got a kick out of looking at them after we were done.  He could have done this for hours! I could squish him for being so damn cute.

Scary Movie Face:

Mad/Sad Face:

Kissy Face:

Silly Face:

Underwater Face:

Dilly Bars

Who doesn't love a dilly bar from DQ?  There were sooooo excited for this treat!  Alec was covered with chocolate and melted ice cream when all was said and done, but somehow Ethan managed to steer clear from any huge sticky disasters.

Ice cream tastes better with your eyes closed!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Outdoor Table for Two

I can't think of one reason not to let the boys eat outside.  They love it, they get to run around then come back for a bite, run some more, grab a bite.  Even better, I don't have to sweep!

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Finger Paint or Body Paint?

Ethan has a cabinet in the kitchen of his very own, it holds all of his crafty-type activities.  Of all of them to choose from, he'll go straight for the finger paints every time.  Most of the time I'm able to talk him out of it but now and again I'm okay with having to clean up a huge mess.

This particular time was extra messy but it kept him busy for nearly 45 minutes (generally unheard of!) and it was bath night anyhow.

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