Monday, April 16, 2012

Easter 2012

This post is a little late but it's here nonetheless!  The kids decorated eggs, Alec and I made a cotton ball rabbit and on Easter day they searched for hidden eggs several times.  Alec picked up the eggs, shook them and then tossed it if there wasn't a goodie inside.  Ethan just wanted to be the winner and collect more eggs than his brother so it all worked out.  Nana came over for a simple Easter dinner and lots of play time, too.
Rip up cotton balls then glue them on a paper plate:

Mess-free egg coloring! I bought this weird egg spinner, all the dye stays inside so no spilling.  Ethan liked helping, Alec pushed it once and was done.

This is probably Round #3 of the Egg Hunt.

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