Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Off to Grandma's we go.

I took the boys to my parents house last weekend for a quick visit.  Overall, it went very well.  Alec has never been a good companion in the car, and on the way there he didn't let me forget it. I cringed every time I heard him drop his toys.  Ethan did well sleeping somewhere other than his own home, the second night he was awake off and on from 2-4am but aside from that it went good.  Alec did super.

We got to Grandma and Papa's house in time for a little play time and then dinner on Friday.  My niece, Dakota, was there and she definitely got her fill of the boys.  She played, and played and played.  I was even able to get a quick dinner in with a couple of my girlfriends the next night! We stopped by the zoo Sunday before finally making our way home.  The boys did super on the car ride home, both of them taking a quick nap made the drive fly by.

Silly faces:

Papa reading Ethan a bedtime story, looks like it's working:

Alec did enjoy his trip to the zoo, the last time he'd been he was a newborn:

Grandma and Ethan:

Alec checking out the Rainforest:

Looking at the fish:

Ethan, Dakota and Alec:

Thanks guys for a fun weekend!

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