Thursday, May 31, 2012

Brotherly Advice

Aim a little to the left.  Atta boy!

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Hold Your Nose

I took a video of Alec a couple days ago and after showing Nick, he said I needed to put it on here.  I wasn't going to at first, but I thought what the hell....we're not a family who is all prim and proper.  Seriously, THREE boys live here!  So I'm posting it because, gosh darn it, it's funny and it makes me laugh.

Alec is presently out of commission, a few days after this video.  Poor guy has an ear infection, fever, allergies and a cold...all wrapped up in one.  You should see his face, his eyes are constantly half shut because he's dragging butt, however his little mind just wants to play like usual.  He's hot and cold, both literally and figuratively.  He wants his mama, but he doesn't want his mama. So let's hope this antibiotic works its magic quickly!

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Monday, May 21, 2012

Bat mobile

I took the boys to see the Bat mobile this afternoon, it is making a tour across the US and stopped in the KC area for a few days.  We had some time to kill before it started so we stopped by Party City to pick up some birthday supplies for an almost 2 year old, and while there, Ethan spotted some batman masks.  I couldn't resist, they looks so cute.  And it was perfect since we were going to see the Bat mobile anyway!

Ethan asked a bunch of questions on our way.  He wanted to know if Batman was real, because he didn't believe any other super hero was.  Then he went on to say how it was him who parked the bat mobile for everyone to see, and that he was the real batman.  But shhhhh! don't tell anyone.  He said he normally has it parked in Colorado, but he had his workers push it to Kansas City.  Oh, and that it went 210 miles per hour.

(the mask didn't come off the entire time)

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Preschool Year One, Done.

Ethan had his last day of preschool last week, I think he was a little excited that it was over.  They sang songs for the parents and then everyone got some ice cream.  No pictures of that, but I did get a couple candid shots of both the boys before school.

Here's was his FIRST day of preschool:

And here's his last day:

And then some of the two little men:

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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Park Date

We had fun picnic last week at the park.  Ethan loves it when I pick him up from school and head the the park with a packed cooler and a blanket.  There are a couple parks very close to us, so we enjoyed a couple hours of running around.

On a different day we went to the same park, but this time we ran over to the baseball diamond.  Figured the kids could run the bases a couple times and then take a really long nap afterward.  It worked!  Here's Ethan after hitting a home run (turn your volume down, my voice is loud and annoying, sorry!):


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My Little Junk Boys

Nick had to park his truck in our driveway for the night and you can imagine how excited the boys were to check it out.  I don't think Alec has ever been inside before, so he was thrilled to be the passenger while Ethan drove.  Their smiles were so big the entire time, they could have stayed in there for hours.  Both of them answer their pretend phones, "Junk Boys, this is Effan".

Here's a picture I took on our way home the other night.  Do you see the funnel cloud?  Just to the left of the pole. It came down just as quickly as it went back up, but it was crazy to see the whole thing.  Afterwards, we found out that it was less than a mile southwest of our house!  Thankfully there were no tornados that night, just loads of rain and wind.

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Monday, May 14, 2012

Mother's Day 2012

Yesterday, I was spoiled.  After sleeping in until 8 I was greeted with hugs, flowers and cards from all 3 of the boys.  After some lounging around we piled in the car to meet Beth for brunch.  This part of the day didn't go as planned though.  We went to 4 restaurants, one of them twice!  And after one wasn't open yet, another having a 2 hour wait and the third having very incompetent staff (we ended up leaving after placing our order, so frustrating!) we just made it simple and bought a bag of bagels from Panera to take to Beth's house and enjoy.  We should have done that from the start, but oh well.

After naps and dinner we went to Cold Stone Creamery and had a treat.  The boys each gobbled up a small kids cone, and then finished up Nick's leftover shake.  Alec's stomach must be bottomless, he powered it all down and could have eaten more if we had it.  They ran around and played Batman and Robin to burn their sweets off then it was home to mow lawn and dip the kids in the bathtub and plop them into bed.

It was such a simple day, everyone was nice to one another and mostly well behaved.  And I got several "Happy Mother's Day" hugs from the kids and Nick made sure I had a good day.  I feel pretty lucky to have these boys in my life!

"My mom's name is Sherry. She is 20 years old.  She has blond hair and purple eyes.  She works hard at doing house stuff.  I love her because she gives me nice things.  If I could do one thing for her, I would make popsicles.  Love, Ethan

I couldn't have written it better myself!!
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