Monday, May 21, 2012

Bat mobile

I took the boys to see the Bat mobile this afternoon, it is making a tour across the US and stopped in the KC area for a few days.  We had some time to kill before it started so we stopped by Party City to pick up some birthday supplies for an almost 2 year old, and while there, Ethan spotted some batman masks.  I couldn't resist, they looks so cute.  And it was perfect since we were going to see the Bat mobile anyway!

Ethan asked a bunch of questions on our way.  He wanted to know if Batman was real, because he didn't believe any other super hero was.  Then he went on to say how it was him who parked the bat mobile for everyone to see, and that he was the real batman.  But shhhhh! don't tell anyone.  He said he normally has it parked in Colorado, but he had his workers push it to Kansas City.  Oh, and that it went 210 miles per hour.

(the mask didn't come off the entire time)

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  1. THAT is awesome! How did you hear about it coming to your area?!?! I'll have to see if it's coming to NY! (Love the mask, btw...great choice!) :)