Saturday, June 2, 2012

He's TWO!

Dear Alec,

Happy 2nd Birthday!

You are fast asleep now after filling your belly with cake and playing at the park.  For your birthday we didn't throw a big party, we just hung out and sang you Happy Birthday approximately 17 times.  You were very happy with your choice of breakfast (hash brown and oatmeal from McDonald's), a trip to the gym, lunch (you begged for macaroni and who am I to say no?), swimming in our neighborhood pool, nap time then dinner and cake at the park to round out your big day.

This past year has brought you to a new city to live in, I'm sure you don't even remember Wichita.  But you have adjusted well to your new surroundings and now just go with the flow.  Kind of.  You do have a bit of a temper.  I've been meaning to talk to you about it but honestly, I'm afraid to.  You'd get mad at me and hit.  Yes, you've started to hit and no one likes it.  You'll even grunt and growl at me when I do something you don't like, now that....that makes me laugh a little but I try my best not to let you see.

Ethan has introduced you to all things super-hero.  You know them all by name and prefer spiderman and batman.  Our house has been taken over by Marvel!  You are Ethan's little shadow most of the time, and generally you both want the exact same toy and will argue over it until one of you is in tears.  Soon I'll let you both figure it out, but for now we're really working on sharing toys.  Don't tell Ethan, but you are the better sharer, most of the time.

You are talking more and more these days.  You tell me, "Don't leave" when I'm tucking you in at night and you go up to daddy and say, "I wanna nuggle wit you Daddy",  he can never resist a snuggle. When Ethan says he loves you you're quick to reply, "Love ewe too bra-ber".  Makes my heart melt.  Most of the time you're pretty quiet around people you don't know.  The gym daycare ladies didn't think you could talk, but I assured them you were blabbing away at home.  Now you're a jabber box there, too.

We're working on identifying colors, but right now you think everything is green.  And potty training?  Hmmmm, I think we've got quite a ways to go before you are ready to start that.  I won't rush you, but your daddy will be quick to tell you that your big brother was roaring and ready to go a month after his 2nd birthday.  You love your Pillow Pets, you've got Daddy Puppy and Baby Puppy.  Both of them must be in your crib while you sleep, otherwise there'd be trouble.

Your dad and I just commented on what a handsome little boy we've got and how your smile is contagious.  Your grin is so big, ear to ear, showcasing your lone dimple while your gray/blue eyes light up the room.  We love to see you so happy, and we also love those big bear hugs you dole out when you're in the mood.

Thank you for being the best 2 year old on the planet, we love you more than you'll ever know.


Breakfast of Champions!

Opening presents

New shades!

Ethan couldn't keep his paws off the presents.

I asked Alec what he wanted me to put on his cake, and he said dinosaur.  Ask and ye shall receive, little one.

Getting ready to blow out his candles.

He uses forks now...

...but didn't see the need for them last year!


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  1. Happy Birthday, Alec!!!!! What a handsome boy you've turned out to be!

    "Don't leave" is about the sweetest thing I've ever heard. And did you make that cake yourself, Sherry? It's adorable!

  2. Awesome cake!! I can't believe he's two already (a little late, I realize!)! He reminds me so much of my Alex...hug him tightly, sweet boy!!