Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kansas City Zoo

We miss the Wichita Zoo, it was close, well kept and we had a membership pass.  Everyone around here has been telling me how horrible the KC Zoo was so it took me over a year to go find out for myself.  While the drive there was long (40 minutes or so), I definitely didn't think the zoo was as bad as everyone made it out to be.  Some of the exhibits were in need of a little TLC but overall I thought there were many positives.  A lot of seating, playgrounds, trains, a couple different cafes, a carousel, bird shows and sea lion shows to name a few.

I didn't bring a stroller, and there was lots of walking (one negative) so we didn't make it to that many animals.  We lasted 2 hours which was just long enough for all 3 of us.

We'll go back at least one more time this summer, poor Alec has gotten the shaft on zoo visits.

Our first stop was the polar bear, if that wasn't clear.

We had to climb on every single animal statue, and trust me, there are lots.

Ethan and me on the train.

If one gets a picture, it's only fair for the other to get one too.

The train bear, Ethan was giving me a thumbs up because he liked his train ride.

Cow bell music.

Ethan was soooo excited to ride the camel.  He was pretty bummed when he found out it was only twice around a small track.

Alec kept calling the camel a horse.  See?  Shafted.

PB&J's = Thumbs Up!

And for the grand finale:

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