Sunday, July 8, 2012

Party in Pictures

Birthday morning, complete with a birthday donut.

He was really getting into opening his presents!

Super heros and dinosaurs were the theme for his gifts.

Alec got down on his donut while Ethan opened gifts.

He didn't mind one bit that his cake came out a little wonky, I don't think he even noticed.  

Papa's birthday was in a few days so he got his own birthday cupcake.

Nana enjoyed some cake and ice cream, too!

Pool time!!  Dakota, Ethan and Alec were little fish.

Family Tower!

Ethan and I went out to see the fireworks while Nick stayed home with a sleeping Alec.  Ethan was more excited that he was getting to stay up late than he was about watching the fireworks.  We put his jammies on and went right to bed after they were over.  

It was a great birthday party, Ethan enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks Grandma, Papa, Dakota and Nana for coming over to celebrate with him!

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Four on the Fourth!


You're four today, on the fourth of July.  You've been asking for weeks, "how many days left? can you count them for me, backwards?".  And now it's here, I hope you aren't disappointed when you wake up tomorrow knowing it's not your birthday anymore.  Three hundred sixty five is a lot of numbers to count down backwards.

July 4h, 2008-Welcome to the world!
You're seriously so excited for this birthday, you love all things superhero so the request for toys is endless.  You asked for 73 different superhero cakes (we settled on a Captain America shield, mainly because I thought it'd be easiest to make), and you want to go swimming.  You thought that you'd wake up on your birthday and be noticeably bigger, and that you'd no longer have to hold my hand in parking lots.  You also thought you'd be able to stand up to go pee at every toilet because you'd be taller.  It's the little things in life that make you happy, and that is refreshing.

Year one
You are full of words, and always have been since you were a little over one.  You talk all the time, maybe slowing down a bit when you pick at your dinner or when you lay your head down to sleep but seriously, I don't know how you find so many things to talk about.  And the questions, oh my goodness.  At first I tried really hard to answer each one with some serious thought and thorough explanation, but now I admit, the answers have gotten shorter.  My lungs need a breather now and then.  Besides, I honestly don't know how many different ways I can explain how you'll never ever be the same age as your older cousin, Mallory, or how dinosaurs aren't living anymore.

The imagination that lives inside your head is so full of life.  The things you want us to pretend are pretty normal for a boy your age but gosh, you are very specific.  We must say and do exactly what you ask.  If I'm the alien eating an ice cream cone with my eyes then I have to hold the ice cream just so, or else you stop the whole production and repeat my instructions so that I get it just right.  If I don't repeat verbatim what I'm told then we have to redo it or you get frustrated.  Your dad thinks you'll be a pretty good micro-manager when you grow up.  I think a movie director would be perfect.

Year two
Alec and you have a such a tug-of-war relationship.  Lots of give and take, back and forth, bickering and hugging.  You fight about toys, food, cups, bathwater, bubbles, wind, rocks and more.  The other day I got frustrated with Alec for spilling his orange juice on the floor (twice!) and he started crying, then headed into the living room where you were.  You opened your arms to him and asked if he needed a hug.  He went right to you and you both wrapped your arms around each other, it was tender sweet, and I know you'll always be there looking out for him as his big brother.

Year three
Just recently I put you down for your nap (yes! you still nap daily for at least a couple hours) and I noticed how you like things just so.  Mr. Lion needs to be on the right side of your bed, Mr. Dinosaur is on your left, your feet have to be covered by your blanket, the closet door must be shut and your glass of water has to be at the very least half way full of fresh water.  So particular, you don't miss a thing.

You are genuinely unique and have more smarts than should be allowed at this age,  I can't imagine you being any other way.  I love the good, the bad and all the in-between parts of you.  Mainly the in-between parts because that's the average of all your bits and pieces all rolled into one. You love others so easily and I hope that that special part of your heart stays inside you forever.  The world is a happier place because you're in it, and I feel terribly lucky to get to celebrate your special day with you.  Happy 4th Birthday, Ethan!

Four years old!

Love forever,

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Twinkle Twinkle

Alec singing:


This guy, oh I LOVE him!
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