Sunday, July 8, 2012

Party in Pictures

Birthday morning, complete with a birthday donut.

He was really getting into opening his presents!

Super heros and dinosaurs were the theme for his gifts.

Alec got down on his donut while Ethan opened gifts.

He didn't mind one bit that his cake came out a little wonky, I don't think he even noticed.  

Papa's birthday was in a few days so he got his own birthday cupcake.

Nana enjoyed some cake and ice cream, too!

Pool time!!  Dakota, Ethan and Alec were little fish.

Family Tower!

Ethan and I went out to see the fireworks while Nick stayed home with a sleeping Alec.  Ethan was more excited that he was getting to stay up late than he was about watching the fireworks.  We put his jammies on and went right to bed after they were over.  

It was a great birthday party, Ethan enjoyed every minute of it.  Thanks Grandma, Papa, Dakota and Nana for coming over to celebrate with him!

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  1. Happy very belated birthday, Ethan!!!!! Ella says to give you a hug :)

    Another amazing cake, Sherry! And I love the family tower!

  2. Wow I love the cake! And the family tower! Looks like you guys had a super day!