Thursday, August 23, 2012

But I'm a Big Boy, Mommy!

A conversation with Alec (crib-side) at 5:43am in the morning right as I enter the room (he's yelling for me)

Alec: "I'm a big boy mommy, I had dina-sar cake for my berf-day, I got older, I'm two now."
Me: "Yes, you are two, but big boys need to go to night-night until morning time."

--Don't judge. Five forty-three isn't considered morning in our house--

Alec: "But I noooot a baby, mommmmma, I'm a big boy. I want to sit on potty, I gotta go poo-poo."
Me: "You need to go poo-poo? Right now? You never want to sit on the potty."
Alec: "Uh-huh, sit on potty, I'm a big boy. Dina-sar cake. "

--he sits on his potty for 5 loooong minutes and.....nothing--

Me: "Ok, time to go back to bed until morning"
Alec: "Nooooooo, wanna go down-stairns, I'm big boy, had dina-sar cake for my berf-day. I four now!"

--end of story, we went "down-stairns"--

And then yesterday, I asked him if he'd be a big boy while he got a haircut.  He said yes, but he always says yes and then screams his little pretty head off during 1/2 of the haircut while I have to hold him on my lap.  It's slightly embarrassing.  During our drive I kept repeating that he was a big boy now, per our early morning conversations, and that he could even take Ethan's kitty with him to get her hair cut too.  I feared for the worst, but look!

Not ONE SINGLE TEAR, this is exciting stuff, people! He kept telling the stylist (who I loved, by the way, even though she razored off his side-burns) that he was a big boy and was also Spiderman and Peter Parker.

I sure love my big boy.

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Botanica, Deanna Rose, Legoland and the Aquarium

Sometimes I feel as though all we do is go to the gym, the grocery store, and the park.  It gets a little monotonous at times, our routine, so in the past several days we were able to shake up our schedule some and also take advantage of the NOT 100 degree weather.

So in short, this is what we did.  The boys and I drove down to the HUGE town of Rock, KS (population has just increased by two, so it must be up to 89 by now) to see my parent's new house out at the farm.  I didn't take pictures of the kiddos there, but I did take pictures of our trip to Botanica in Wichita.  Luckily my mom took some too, because I lost all of mine and was pretty sad about the great shot I got of Ethan with a butterfly on his hand.  I haven't been to Botanica in years, and I must say, the new kid area was awesome.  The boys have such a short attention span though, so they ripped though each activity quickly and then we were done.

Just pretend this butterfly is sitting on Ethan's hand, while he has a wide grin on his face, because that's how it happened.  

This picture made me laugh because it's just how our life goes.  It's never perfect, generally pretty chaotic and yet we somehow manage to put the pieces back together again by the end of the day.  All I asked for was one teeny tiny moment of the boys' time to get a nice picture of us together (which never happens!).  Obviously Ethan was thrilled and apparently Alec saw something much more interesting, and I was in the middle of saying, "Just take it Mom, at least we're all in the picture."

A few days after getting back from my mom's I decided last minute to take the boys to Deanna Rose Farm one morning.  We haven't been all summer, which is sad because it really is a nice place to take little kids.  We did the usual...fed goats, looked at cows, played and visited the old schoolhouse then headed home for lunch and naps.  We skipped fishing and horseback riding, but maybe we'll squeeze in another trip before it closes.

Alec liked everything except the goat feeding.  He squealed like a little girl whenever they tried to get near him.  Ethan, on the other hand, takes after me and really enjoyed feeding them even though they nearly chewed off his shirt.  

Yes Nick, he did wash his hands immediately after petting them. (Guess who Alec takes after? Geez.)

Ethan was either showing me his cow horns or he was telling me to go away, I don't recall.

Lastly, we went to the new Legoland and Aquarium with my parents and step-sister and her family this past weekend.  Overall, it was fun to experience both of these new places but it'll be more like a once-a-year type thing. It was great getting to hang out with everyone though, we were a well-behaved group! And apparently I didn't take one single picture of the grandparents (except the 3D movie one) or my sister's family...but I swear they were there and they're all a great looking bunch of people, especially little Myrah!
It looks like there's a Lego man inside Nick's backpack, do you see it?

He's 101 Lego's tall.

Chariot ride to save the princess.

The miniature Lego city was pretty cool, lots of details in every scene.

The short 4D movie was pretty cool, we got sprayed with water, blasted with snow and blown away by the wind.  Alec's face is priceless!!

They both sang karaoke, here's Alec's version of the Spiderman song.  You've gotta listen close though.

You couldn't use a flash in the aquarium so all my pictures were pretty cruddy, but here are a few (cruddy ones).

The boys got to touch some of the sea creatures, that was pretty interesting.

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Captain America

Superhero's were at the zoo this weekend, so we made a morning of it.  Nick says I was more excited about it than the kids were but I thought it'd be a boy's dream come true to actually meet his idol in person. How often do you get that chance?

Captain America and Thor were scheduled for today, but we were told Thor had an emergency and Spiderman (the favorite) was going to take his place.  We didn't know that until we'd been in line for about 30 minutes to see Captain America, so the boys didn't get to see Spiderman.  The line was too long and then he was on lunch break when we went back to try again.  I figured Ethan would have a meltdown but he handled it well.

Ethan was so excited and maybe a little nervous to meet Captain America.  He didn't even realize CA was trying to shake his hand, he just spit out "I have the same birthday as you, July 4th". It was pretty cute and Ethan was all smiles.  Alec said "no thanks" when it was his turn for a picture.

Captain America signing Ethan's arm:

Too bad it's bath night!

We didn't have a ton of time to spend at the zoo before we needed to head home for naps, but we managed to walk nearly 500 miles to see a few animals.  Here are the boys on a walkway overlooking a river:

Ethan asked if this gate would break but Nick reassured him it was fine, it was a long way to the bottom. My heart skipped a few beats.

We rode the SkyWalk and saw a few more animals.  We weren't sure how Alec would handle the ride, but he did great.  No one fell out and nobody cried:
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Summer Update

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's laziness, but I've somehow managed to slow waaaaaay down on my little blog updates.  So here's a handful of random pictures and sentences to explain.

Ethan being E-BOT:

Alec enjoying some delicious chocolate ice cream:

The boys at Franklin Park:

Nick made Ethan his own Superhero shield:

I took a short girl's trip to the Denver area.  Here we are on Lookout Mountain:

Playing hide-n-seek:

 Late afternoon sprinkler play in shorts and a diaper:

In his underwear:

Happy and soaked:

The boys each picked out a pair of Spiderman shoes with money they had from their birthday. Superhero's are still a big thing around here! 
I asked for their mean faces:

Cousins from Colorado came for a visit and boys will be boys:

Alec and Mallory at the park, she was such a sweet little momma to him:

Champion of the Rock:

This is the "before" photo, I'll spare you the "after" photo.  Yes, I did take one!  Let's just say it was successful. He's only done it twice now, but we're not pushing the issue.  He'll be ready when he says so.  :)

We went to a pool party with Grandma and Papa a few weeks ago.  It was Ethan's first time jumping off a diving board.  He LOVED it!  Alec took a turn too, and surprisingly, he jumped right in.  Here's Ethan:

 Ethan went to Bible school for 4 days a few weeks ago, the last day all the kids sing for the parents.  Alec and I watched, then he decided to dance along:

And that's it, that's pretty much all we've been up to these past couple months.  Ethan starts pre-school in a couple weeks, Alec will go to Kid's Day Out one morning a week, too. We're headed down to visit Grandma and Papa soon to check out their new house, and then we'll have a visit from my step-sister and her family the next weekend.  Nick and I are looking forward to the fall, the weather this summer has been insanely hot so some relief would be great.  We're also looking forward to a weekend away to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary soon!

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