Thursday, August 23, 2012

But I'm a Big Boy, Mommy!

A conversation with Alec (crib-side) at 5:43am in the morning right as I enter the room (he's yelling for me)

Alec: "I'm a big boy mommy, I had dina-sar cake for my berf-day, I got older, I'm two now."
Me: "Yes, you are two, but big boys need to go to night-night until morning time."

--Don't judge. Five forty-three isn't considered morning in our house--

Alec: "But I noooot a baby, mommmmma, I'm a big boy. I want to sit on potty, I gotta go poo-poo."
Me: "You need to go poo-poo? Right now? You never want to sit on the potty."
Alec: "Uh-huh, sit on potty, I'm a big boy. Dina-sar cake. "

--he sits on his potty for 5 loooong minutes and.....nothing--

Me: "Ok, time to go back to bed until morning"
Alec: "Nooooooo, wanna go down-stairns, I'm big boy, had dina-sar cake for my berf-day. I four now!"

--end of story, we went "down-stairns"--

And then yesterday, I asked him if he'd be a big boy while he got a haircut.  He said yes, but he always says yes and then screams his little pretty head off during 1/2 of the haircut while I have to hold him on my lap.  It's slightly embarrassing.  During our drive I kept repeating that he was a big boy now, per our early morning conversations, and that he could even take Ethan's kitty with him to get her hair cut too.  I feared for the worst, but look!

Not ONE SINGLE TEAR, this is exciting stuff, people! He kept telling the stylist (who I loved, by the way, even though she razored off his side-burns) that he was a big boy and was also Spiderman and Peter Parker.

I sure love my big boy.

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  1. Sweet boy. He has a huge vocabulary for a 2-year old!

    PS. I'm headed your way in late November ;)

  2. Hi Sherry! What a cute story! Aren't children so much fun? Thanks for visiting my blog. You asked about the bow. I found a tutorial here:
    I hope that helps! Enjoy the rest of your week!...hugs...Debbie