Sunday, August 5, 2012

Meeting Captain America

Superhero's were at the zoo this weekend, so we made a morning of it.  Nick says I was more excited about it than the kids were but I thought it'd be a boy's dream come true to actually meet his idol in person. How often do you get that chance?

Captain America and Thor were scheduled for today, but we were told Thor had an emergency and Spiderman (the favorite) was going to take his place.  We didn't know that until we'd been in line for about 30 minutes to see Captain America, so the boys didn't get to see Spiderman.  The line was too long and then he was on lunch break when we went back to try again.  I figured Ethan would have a meltdown but he handled it well.

Ethan was so excited and maybe a little nervous to meet Captain America.  He didn't even realize CA was trying to shake his hand, he just spit out "I have the same birthday as you, July 4th". It was pretty cute and Ethan was all smiles.  Alec said "no thanks" when it was his turn for a picture.

Captain America signing Ethan's arm:

Too bad it's bath night!

We didn't have a ton of time to spend at the zoo before we needed to head home for naps, but we managed to walk nearly 500 miles to see a few animals.  Here are the boys on a walkway overlooking a river:

Ethan asked if this gate would break but Nick reassured him it was fine, it was a long way to the bottom. My heart skipped a few beats.

We rode the SkyWalk and saw a few more animals.  We weren't sure how Alec would handle the ride, but he did great.  No one fell out and nobody cried:
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