Sunday, August 5, 2012

Summer Update

Maybe it's the heat, or maybe it's laziness, but I've somehow managed to slow waaaaaay down on my little blog updates.  So here's a handful of random pictures and sentences to explain.

Ethan being E-BOT:

Alec enjoying some delicious chocolate ice cream:

The boys at Franklin Park:

Nick made Ethan his own Superhero shield:

I took a short girl's trip to the Denver area.  Here we are on Lookout Mountain:

Playing hide-n-seek:

 Late afternoon sprinkler play in shorts and a diaper:

In his underwear:

Happy and soaked:

The boys each picked out a pair of Spiderman shoes with money they had from their birthday. Superhero's are still a big thing around here! 
I asked for their mean faces:

Cousins from Colorado came for a visit and boys will be boys:

Alec and Mallory at the park, she was such a sweet little momma to him:

Champion of the Rock:

This is the "before" photo, I'll spare you the "after" photo.  Yes, I did take one!  Let's just say it was successful. He's only done it twice now, but we're not pushing the issue.  He'll be ready when he says so.  :)

We went to a pool party with Grandma and Papa a few weeks ago.  It was Ethan's first time jumping off a diving board.  He LOVED it!  Alec took a turn too, and surprisingly, he jumped right in.  Here's Ethan:

 Ethan went to Bible school for 4 days a few weeks ago, the last day all the kids sing for the parents.  Alec and I watched, then he decided to dance along:

And that's it, that's pretty much all we've been up to these past couple months.  Ethan starts pre-school in a couple weeks, Alec will go to Kid's Day Out one morning a week, too. We're headed down to visit Grandma and Papa soon to check out their new house, and then we'll have a visit from my step-sister and her family the next weekend.  Nick and I are looking forward to the fall, the weather this summer has been insanely hot so some relief would be great.  We're also looking forward to a weekend away to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary soon!

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  1. That's a successful summer! Ethan's "mean face" is hysterical :)