Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PIctures without a Home

I have way too many pictures on way too many devices and keeping them organized is not something I'm good at.  I used to have the good ones printed off every few months and then I'd put them inside a lovely photo album but that turned into have too many photo albums, so I stopped.

One of these days all my devices are going to go ka-pooey and I'm going to be sad, but I'll be forever grateful for this blog because all of the pictures here are stored and dated and generally have a story.  

So here are some of the random pictures that have no home.

Ethan with Tony the Tiger, he got to take him home for the weekend from pre-school.  They were encouraged to take Tony everywhere and then draw a story about it.  Ethan misses him  terribly!

"Little Flirt Academy" Rule #1: Zip up your fly.

Tough guys

There are two hot air balloons that fly close to our house several evenings a week.

This is how I get my shopping done.  You can't beat a $1 bag of popcorn!

My sweet-cheeks on the left and my zombie on the right.

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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shadows in their Path

They are buddies, the younger one always wanting to copy the older one.  The older one always asking why that is? I explain it's because he's looked up to, but he doesn't care, he just wants it to stop already.

So he makes a break for it, and runs. Trying to shake his shadow in a last ditch effort, knowing he's got speed on his side.

The younger one is yelling in the dust. Wait for me brother, wait for me! But his legs are still a little short and he can't keep up.

I can barely see them anymore as they round the corner.  I shout to watch for bikers, stay to the right!! I don't rush because I hear them giggling just ahead. 

And I come upon this.

A tender moment that lasts only a few seconds before they take off running again (I wonder what Ethan is whispering to him). But I snap the picture before that happens and as my mother-heart melts into a puddle. 

As they start running ahead of me again, I notice the younger one is no longer in the dust.

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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Pre-School (year 2) and Discovery Days II

The boys started "school" at the church just down the street from our house last week.  This is Ethan's first year at this particular church, however, Alec went here last year so he's at least familiar with the place.  Ethan was sad to leave his old church behind, but it's so convenient to have them within walking distance AND at the same church.

This is Ethan's second year of Pre-School, and he could possibly end up going three years.  With his birthday being right before the cut-off, we have the opportunity to give him a "growth" year if we feel it's necessary.  That way he'll be one of the oldest in his class if we wait, or one of the youngest if we send him to kindergarten.  So we'll see!

He is in the Blue AM class and goes Monday and Tuesdays for 2 1/2 hours, and Thursdays he stays from 8:45-2:45.  He has two teachers, Ms. Donna and Ms. Leslie and there are 24 other little people in his class.  I'm only guessing it chaotic, I can't imagine.

Alec goes to Discovery Days II this year.  It's like a Mom's Day Out program.  He goes on Mondays for 2 1/2 hours.  Ms. Kim and Ms. Virginia are his teachers, there are 14 little two year olds in his class.  He screamed at the top of his lungs after Nick and I dropped him off, was not a happy camper.  But he was just fine when I picked him up, as usual.

Here they are outside their school, I had to beg Ethan to at least TRY to smile.  Alec was my happy camper (for the time being).

If anyone needs to get ahold of me on Mondays between the hours of 8:45-11:15....good luck, because I won't be answering to anyone!  Yea!