Tuesday, September 18, 2012

PIctures without a Home

I have way too many pictures on way too many devices and keeping them organized is not something I'm good at.  I used to have the good ones printed off every few months and then I'd put them inside a lovely photo album but that turned into have too many photo albums, so I stopped.

One of these days all my devices are going to go ka-pooey and I'm going to be sad, but I'll be forever grateful for this blog because all of the pictures here are stored and dated and generally have a story.  

So here are some of the random pictures that have no home.

Ethan with Tony the Tiger, he got to take him home for the weekend from pre-school.  They were encouraged to take Tony everywhere and then draw a story about it.  Ethan misses him  terribly!

"Little Flirt Academy" Rule #1: Zip up your fly.

Tough guys

There are two hot air balloons that fly close to our house several evenings a week.

This is how I get my shopping done.  You can't beat a $1 bag of popcorn!

My sweet-cheeks on the left and my zombie on the right.

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