Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Shadows in their Path

They are buddies, the younger one always wanting to copy the older one.  The older one always asking why that is? I explain it's because he's looked up to, but he doesn't care, he just wants it to stop already.

So he makes a break for it, and runs. Trying to shake his shadow in a last ditch effort, knowing he's got speed on his side.

The younger one is yelling in the dust. Wait for me brother, wait for me! But his legs are still a little short and he can't keep up.

I can barely see them anymore as they round the corner.  I shout to watch for bikers, stay to the right!! I don't rush because I hear them giggling just ahead. 

And I come upon this.

A tender moment that lasts only a few seconds before they take off running again (I wonder what Ethan is whispering to him). But I snap the picture before that happens and as my mother-heart melts into a puddle. 

As they start running ahead of me again, I notice the younger one is no longer in the dust.

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  1. Very sweet. They are so similar in size, it's hard to tell who is who - they are going to be the best of friends!

  2. That is beautifully told and smartly captured in pictures. What a great story. The bond between brothers....There is little else quite like it in the world. *sigh* A definite heart melter for sure!