Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I Spy With My Little Eye a...BLOG POST!

Oh yes, I've neglected my duties as blog publisher and I'm just sick about it.  Not really, but I wished I'd do a better job at updating.  So here's a mixed bag of what's going on in our little lives. Be warned that there are about 50 different activities we've done in the past couple months.

First....Nick and I got away for our 5th anniversary/my birthday early last month.  We went to Eureka Springs since we've never been and it was a place I personally wanted to see.  It was very peaceful despite how crowded the town was, it was Labor Day weekend.  We stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast called Mount Victoria, not your typical B&B, definitely updated with AMAZING food.  

We took a hike around a local lake, did some window shopping, thoroughly enjoyed meals without crayons being torpedoed through the air, and even got to sleep in.  Is 8am considered sleeping in??

Nick leading the way on our hike.  I made him pack food and water in his backpack even though it was a short mile (or so) hike. I watch too many "I Shouldn't Be Alive" shows, but you just never know!

Pretty bridge over the lake:

 Our bed and breakfast dining area outside:

A few weeks ago my girlfriend came to town to visit for a couple days.  At the time she was 8 months pregnant, she's since had her baby and I'm planning a quick visit to Salina to meet the little man.  We took advantage of the night and got together with our other mutual friend here in town and went out for dinner.

A couple weeks ago all of Beth's sisters came to visit her (hi ladies!).  They kept busy throughout the weekend and were even able to come to our house one evening for dinner.  They all enjoyed the local favorite, Oklahoma Joe's BBQ. The boys kept them on their feet and had them running like crazy ladies throughout our backyard, it was a sight!  I think each sister was also talked into climbing up into the boy's clubhouse, even I don't get up there anymore. I bet they slept well for their flight the next morning.  

There was a small event at the local airport down the street from our house a couple months ago.  We headed up that way to check out the helicopters, airplanes and firetrucks.  

Future pilots?

Ethan really likes to ride his bike around the neighborhood, Alec doesn't have one that he can easily ride so he usually hoofs it.  On one particular ride Alec was getting tired and wanted a ride from Ethan. It didn't last long but it sure was cute:

The boys like to help Daddy make coffee every morning.  One is generally in charge of dumping the coffee into the filter and another has the job of flipping the switch.  I don't drink coffee myself, but it does smell good so I think they make a good cup of joe.
Alec helping:

Soon we won't be able to kill time by going to the park, so we're trying to hit one up in the afternoons whenever we can.  We brought along the soccer ball last time, the boys played a little one on two.

Ethan dribbling the ball:

I completed my 2nd and 3rd 5K runs this past month.  They were all just for fun (or just to prove to myself I could stand to run more than a block) but the Color Run of Lawrence, KS was definitely a complete blast.  At every kilometer you are greeted with a color bath (powdered color) and at the end of the run you enjoy even MORE color.  Looking forward to the KC Color Run next year!


Starting out on our first kilometer:

 Post-race and all colored up!

Last weekend we went to Deanna Rose Pumpkin Patch.  The boys enjoyed themselves and we all got our pumpkins, so cross two things off our list.

Ethan jumping off the hay bales:

Alec's turn:

Too timid to jump himself:

Barrel rides:

The boys picking out their pumpkin.  How do you walk in there??

My favorite two little men:

So there you have it, our fun-filled lives of the past few months.  Coming up we have plans to visit Grandma and Papa and meet their new dog.  Of course, the boys are certainly looking forward to Halloween.  One will be a green skeleton, the other, Frankenstein.  We've got one more pumpkin to decorate, a couple spiders crawling on our house and a skeleton hanging on our porch. 

Hopefully I manage to get back on here before the new year!

Congratulations if you made it through this entire post.  One thousand extra bonus points for you.



  1. Yay for my thousand points! You've been busy!!

    We've done the Eureka trip a few times ourselves - some places were a little more...classy than others :)

    Congrats on your color run! That's inspiring, and that last picture of your group is too cute.

    Tell Nick awesome bath robe ;)

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    :) Samantha @ Crafty Texas Girls