Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How could I forget these?

Remember that Crafty post from a couple weeks ago?  Well, I forgot about a few things and thought I'd better add them so they didn't feel left out.

Stenciled burlap initials.  I saw the picture below on Pinterest and thought I make my own.  They don't have a home in our house yet, haven't found the perfect spot, so for now they sit on the floor in our bedroom.  I'm super organized like that.


I made this jewelry holder late last year and even gave a few out for Christmas presents.  I don't own a lot of jewelry, so all of mine fits perfectly on this 11x14 frame.  I didn't follow a tutorial, just saw a picture of something similar.  FYI: it's an open frame, with chicken wire placed in the open area and a colorful fabric tacked in behind that.  I also screwed in 6 coffee cup holders on the bottom for necklaces.  Super easy to make!

Lastly, I saw these Ikea spice racks that people were making into bookshelves for their kids and thought it was so clever.  
table tonic GENIUS: turn a $2 spice rack into book shelves

Unfortunately, we don't have an Ikea (yet! but they'll be in KC soon!!) so I found some wooden storage crates for $4.99 each at Michael's that did the trick.  I spray painted them white first, then changed the paint color to gray.  I'm pretty sure I waste most of my time re-doing things a second (or third) time.  Oh well, it's a personality flaw that I've learned to embrace.

Here's my version in Alec's room:
We really have book overload at our house, but that's one thing I really don't mind having a lot of.  And now we've got even more storage for them.  Score!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trip to the Farm

The boys and I made a quick trip to my parents this past weekend.  We had great weather so we went to the zoo and then just hung out at the farm the rest of the time.  Seriously, give these kids a sand pile and a dog and that's all it takes to make them happy.

(The BIG kid is my nephew, Andrew, who has grown WAY TOO MUCH since I saw him last.  How did that happen?!)
*FLASHBACK* Here's Andrew holding Ethan over 4 years ago:

 Back to the zoo.  My mom was able to snap a quick picture of me and the kids.

Everyone fed the giraffes, everyone except my mom. 

And at the farm, the boys played with toy guns, sand, the dog (who they adored!), dirt and all of Grandma's toys.  While farm life isn't for me, I think the kids would be happy campers here.  My parents do, however, have the BEST sunsets and sunrises you could ask for.  And the stars at night are so bright and visible, without a doubt a super view.

I guess we didn't take pictures of Alec at the farm, but I promise he was there.  He was the one who nearly burnt down the house by putting a stack of styrofoam plates on the hot stove! Yikes!

Lastly, a couple random pictures that really don't have a home but are cute nonetheless.
He's a climber!

Grouchy face at the park.

Brotherly love in Batman hats (that I wouldn't let them buy) at Target.

Alec and me
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Halloween 2012

Here are my little characters on Halloween this year:

We went trick or treating down a couple streets in our neighborhood and then came inside to eat some loot.  They boys were allowed to eat as much as they wanted (we did this last year too) and then the candy was put away.  Nick and I both looked at each other in disbelief as Alec shoved his 7th candy bar in his mouth.  Seriously, he is my kid.  The boy loves chocolate.  So next year it'll be the 3 piece limit rule!

The boys also carved a pumpkin the week before Halloween.  Ethan was happy to get his hands in the mess:

Alec was happy to watch:

Hope everyone had a Happy Halloween!
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