Wednesday, November 7, 2012

How could I forget these?

Remember that Crafty post from a couple weeks ago?  Well, I forgot about a few things and thought I'd better add them so they didn't feel left out.

Stenciled burlap initials.  I saw the picture below on Pinterest and thought I make my own.  They don't have a home in our house yet, haven't found the perfect spot, so for now they sit on the floor in our bedroom.  I'm super organized like that.


I made this jewelry holder late last year and even gave a few out for Christmas presents.  I don't own a lot of jewelry, so all of mine fits perfectly on this 11x14 frame.  I didn't follow a tutorial, just saw a picture of something similar.  FYI: it's an open frame, with chicken wire placed in the open area and a colorful fabric tacked in behind that.  I also screwed in 6 coffee cup holders on the bottom for necklaces.  Super easy to make!

Lastly, I saw these Ikea spice racks that people were making into bookshelves for their kids and thought it was so clever.  
table tonic GENIUS: turn a $2 spice rack into book shelves

Unfortunately, we don't have an Ikea (yet! but they'll be in KC soon!!) so I found some wooden storage crates for $4.99 each at Michael's that did the trick.  I spray painted them white first, then changed the paint color to gray.  I'm pretty sure I waste most of my time re-doing things a second (or third) time.  Oh well, it's a personality flaw that I've learned to embrace.

Here's my version in Alec's room:
We really have book overload at our house, but that's one thing I really don't mind having a lot of.  And now we've got even more storage for them.  Score!

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  1. Cute! I'm definitely going to have to steal the bookshelf one - no crafting involved!