Monday, December 31, 2012

Magic Snowman

He's magic because a few minutes after we all went inside and warmed up our fingers, he fell over into 8 million pieces.  So I put my wet gloves back on and ran out to fix him up.  He's good as new.  Now if he'd just use that shovel and clean up the driveway!

It started snowing this morning and as of 4pm, it's still coming down.  Two to four inches is in the forecast and the boys are pretty happy about that.  I could take it or leave it, but I should admit I had a great time building the snowman.  Ethan helped roll and stick the charcoal on but Alec wanted nothing to do with it.  He did attempt a snow angel, but was ready to head back inside after.  And as every other mother out there knows, you MUST spend at least 30 minutes outside because it takes that long just to get everyone bundled up.

A few pictures from the last snow we had about a week ago:

Alec preferred the Spiderman mask.

Snow with sprinkles! 

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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012 Pictures Galore!

Time to assemble: 12 minutes. Time to eat: 2 minutes.

Two smiling boys! Yea!

Much better than LAST year's picture:

Elfie Snowflakie, aka Elfie, came back to visit us this year. He didn't get into too much trouble this year, and the boys looked forward to finding him each morning.

 Give him a break, even Elves have to use the bathroom! Ethan didn't so much care that he was using the toilet, but was ahh-maaazed that he pooped peppermint candy cane. 

Ethan asked me how to spell the words, then left his note with Santa's milk and cookies.
In case you can't read it, "Dear Santa, Do you have Rudolph? Ethan" He was also practicing drawing hearts on the page.

On Christmas Eve, I gave each boy a gift to open.  It included a new pair of pj's, popcorn, hot chocolate and a Christmas movie.  We all cuddled up in the basement and watched it together, or at least half of it before everyone got restless. 

Christmas morning!

There wasn't any squealing like I'd hoped, but they were ready to dig into the gifts.  Ethan surprised me by asking if we could sing "Happy Birthday" to Jesus before opening presents.  I thought that was beyond sweet of him. 

 Alec asked Santa for a batman costume, and the ol' fella delivered.

Gift from Great Grandma and Grandpa "D" and Great Aunt Judy in Cincinnati (hey guys!)

Another gift all the way from Ohio.

Ethan loved his dentist Play-doh set he got from Santa.

 So did Alec.

I didn't take pictures of our Christmas afternoon (seriously, I have a problem), but we went over to Beth's house for a wonderful meal.  Add 2lbs to my scale! The boys played with Nana's toys and with their new craft gifts from her (after some pouting from our oldest) and then we headed home to call it a night, but not before driving through a nice neighborhood to check out Christmas lights.

Grandma and Grandpa came up to visit the weekend before Christmas (is it a surprise that I only took 2 pictures?!!?).  We had a great time playing and preparing our simple Christmas dinner.  I seriously gained 5lbs in less than 2 days.  Darn pecan pie, it's my weakness.  Along with sugar cookies, fudge, cinnamon braided bread, chocolates, and anything else involving sugar.

The boys each received an awesome gift from my mom and Jim, however, we already have one in our garage (Radio Flyer Scooters).  So my mom and I did what any parent and grandparent would do...we made a quick trip to Toys R Us.  Thankfully it was hardly busy and the boys got a couple things in exchange for the scooters.

The four of us had a wonderful Christmas and the boys are already asking when Elfie is coming back.  Three hundred and sixty days is an infinity to them, no doubt.

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Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Jesus

This past Saturday was Christmas Worship at the kids' school, it was a short 30 minute service that was child-friendly, followed by several different activities for the kids to do.  I did take several pictures but most were blurry or the kids had their back to me, so I've only got one to share.  They had a teacher taking pictures of the kids with Baby Jesus (who, by the way, Alec thinks is a girl).

The church had several fun games and crafts for the kids to do set up in each classroom.  Beth joined us and was able to see the boy's rooms and all their daily school activities.  The boys decorated cookies, went through the obstacle course to Bethlehem, delivered gifts to the stable, decorated Wise Men hats and played with blocks.  Alec wasn't ready to leave when it was time, so a few tears were shed but they had a great time.

On a different note, I know I pretty much keep this blog about the boys and what they've been up to, but I wanted to mention the recent events in Connecticut and simply say that I'm at a loss for words.  I know each and every parent such as myself has replayed the events in their heads again and again and wondered to themselves what they'd do if it were their children in those classrooms.  I feel guilty when I tell myself to stop thinking about it, knowing that the parents of those children can't flip that switch whenever they want.  Their lives are always and forever flipped.  So I'll do the only things I know how, and that is to love on my kids even more than I already do and say prayers for all the friends and family of those affected.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is in 20 days and we haven't bought a single gift.  Nick and I are rebels, we like to wait until the last possible minute.  Actually, we only have the kids to buy for so it won't really be that bad.  And speaking of gifts for the kids, I've been thinking about that.  For the past couple years I've felt that our kids were over the top spoiled when it came to toys.  Nick and I would buy them too much and they'd get loads of gifts from family and friends and then like most other kids out there....they had way too many toys.  They'd play with each of them a few times and the toy would be lost in a pile.

So this year they'll get ONE gift from Santa and 4 specific gifts from Nick and me.

#1 Something they want
#2 Something they need
#3 Something to wear
#4 Something to read

We'll see how that goes.  I realize Christmas shouldn't be so focused on gifts and toys so hopefully by taming it down a tad we'll get back to what Christmas is really about.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to since the last time I posted.

Here's a fort that kept the kids busy for about an hour while I made dinner.  Score!

Ethan decorated this box as a race car over the course of several days, then they hid in it.  THIS kept them busy for a good 30 minutes!

All bundled up and headed to school.  

Ethan had Parent Day at his school last month, so I joined him for an hour.  We played a few different games and did some crafty things.  He really liked showing me the different activities they do on a regular basis.

Making a fall tree.

Alec helped me bag leaves one day.  He's such a hard worker.

I cut a large piece of green felt into a tree then made some felt ornaments and presents for the boys to decorate the tree with.  Easy peasy.

After I took their pictures, Ethan asked if he could take mine while I decorated the tree. Sure thing, brother.

This was Alec's version.  That's a good looking tree!

Our 2nd Annual Horse Trolley ride in our neighborhood.  This is the one and only picture I took, but I promise there were 2 extra large horses and a trolley there.  We saw many lovely Christmas light displays and didn't get frostbite like last year.

This is Elfie's 2nd year at our house, and he's already getting comfortable.  The boys found him eating some Hostess donuts the other morning.

After the kids find him in the morning, Elfie sits atop our Christmas countdown blocks on the mantle...watching their every move.

Our happy little tree.

The poor star on top just doesn't want to stand up, so we'll let him be.

Happy Holiday!

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