Monday, December 17, 2012

Baby Jesus

This past Saturday was Christmas Worship at the kids' school, it was a short 30 minute service that was child-friendly, followed by several different activities for the kids to do.  I did take several pictures but most were blurry or the kids had their back to me, so I've only got one to share.  They had a teacher taking pictures of the kids with Baby Jesus (who, by the way, Alec thinks is a girl).

The church had several fun games and crafts for the kids to do set up in each classroom.  Beth joined us and was able to see the boy's rooms and all their daily school activities.  The boys decorated cookies, went through the obstacle course to Bethlehem, delivered gifts to the stable, decorated Wise Men hats and played with blocks.  Alec wasn't ready to leave when it was time, so a few tears were shed but they had a great time.

On a different note, I know I pretty much keep this blog about the boys and what they've been up to, but I wanted to mention the recent events in Connecticut and simply say that I'm at a loss for words.  I know each and every parent such as myself has replayed the events in their heads again and again and wondered to themselves what they'd do if it were their children in those classrooms.  I feel guilty when I tell myself to stop thinking about it, knowing that the parents of those children can't flip that switch whenever they want.  Their lives are always and forever flipped.  So I'll do the only things I know how, and that is to love on my kids even more than I already do and say prayers for all the friends and family of those affected.

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