Wednesday, December 5, 2012

It's Beginning to Look a lot like Christmas

Christmas is in 20 days and we haven't bought a single gift.  Nick and I are rebels, we like to wait until the last possible minute.  Actually, we only have the kids to buy for so it won't really be that bad.  And speaking of gifts for the kids, I've been thinking about that.  For the past couple years I've felt that our kids were over the top spoiled when it came to toys.  Nick and I would buy them too much and they'd get loads of gifts from family and friends and then like most other kids out there....they had way too many toys.  They'd play with each of them a few times and the toy would be lost in a pile.

So this year they'll get ONE gift from Santa and 4 specific gifts from Nick and me.

#1 Something they want
#2 Something they need
#3 Something to wear
#4 Something to read

We'll see how that goes.  I realize Christmas shouldn't be so focused on gifts and toys so hopefully by taming it down a tad we'll get back to what Christmas is really about.

Here are some pictures of what we've been up to since the last time I posted.

Here's a fort that kept the kids busy for about an hour while I made dinner.  Score!

Ethan decorated this box as a race car over the course of several days, then they hid in it.  THIS kept them busy for a good 30 minutes!

All bundled up and headed to school.  

Ethan had Parent Day at his school last month, so I joined him for an hour.  We played a few different games and did some crafty things.  He really liked showing me the different activities they do on a regular basis.

Making a fall tree.

Alec helped me bag leaves one day.  He's such a hard worker.

I cut a large piece of green felt into a tree then made some felt ornaments and presents for the boys to decorate the tree with.  Easy peasy.

After I took their pictures, Ethan asked if he could take mine while I decorated the tree. Sure thing, brother.

This was Alec's version.  That's a good looking tree!

Our 2nd Annual Horse Trolley ride in our neighborhood.  This is the one and only picture I took, but I promise there were 2 extra large horses and a trolley there.  We saw many lovely Christmas light displays and didn't get frostbite like last year.

This is Elfie's 2nd year at our house, and he's already getting comfortable.  The boys found him eating some Hostess donuts the other morning.

After the kids find him in the morning, Elfie sits atop our Christmas countdown blocks on the mantle...watching their every move.

Our happy little tree.

The poor star on top just doesn't want to stand up, so we'll let him be.

Happy Holiday!

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  1. What a cute felt tree! And the leaning star could be a new family tradition :)

  2. That felt tree is a great idea!! Awesome! Great idea for gifts, too! I feel the same way about being inundated and teaching the boys the WRONG lessons about Christmas. I tried once to give them each three presents (to represent the gifts given from the 3 Wise Men) - it lasted one year and then I failed. How did your method work? I'm always looking for inspiration...please share!!

    Merry Christmas to you and your beautiful family and as always, thank you for sharing your stories with me through this blog!! Happy 2013!