Monday, February 18, 2013

Grandma and Papa's Farm

We made a last minute decision to take a quick trip to my parent's house last weekend.  Nick hasn't been to their house since they moved last summer and the boys were over-the-top excited to go.  My mom watched the boys for me on Friday before Nick got there, and I drove into Wichita to have dinner with two of my girlfriends.  Love that I get to see them!

The farm is quite a bit different from the surrounds we're used to, and the kids play non-stop outside and inside.  Dirt, sand, tractors, dogs, mud, scooters, a cat, Papa, ice cream, Grandma, costumes, guns (pretend, of course), name it, they had it.

Emmy the farm dog, she's a real sweetheart.  The boys enjoyed playing with her and she kept begging to have her tummy scratched.  I think she might have gained 5lbs from all the leftover food she got from us, too.  

My mom had to work Saturday at the downtown library so we went to bother her for a couple hours.  The boys helped her cross tasks off her list.  

Nick and I drove out on the land and shot a few guns for fun.  Nick and Jim did some shooting the day before, too.  I can't remember the last time I even held a gun so I was a tad nervous at first but Nick showed me how and after a few times it was actually fun.  We both managed to hit the targets, too. Like there was any doubt?  The shotgun was my favorite.

On the ride home the kids told me 50 times they missed Grandma (Papa, too), so I have a feeling we'll be making a trip back or asking them to drive up soon.

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pictures and Words

Looks like I'm going to need to buy a new computer if I want to keep up with this blog.  This one is fine and all, but it takes an eternity to boot up and download pictures from my phone.  This tiny post will probably take about 30 minutes to put together, about 25 minutes longer than it should.  But, I love this computer.  I know its little quirks and I also know it houses about 6 years worth of pictures, which is enough reason to keep it. Dear Computer, don't ever die on me.

Alas, I shall share some wonderful photographs retrieved from their little home here in iPhoto.  They're random pictures taken over the past few weeks but they offer a glimpse of our goings on (going ons? I've said it too many times in my head now that it currently sounds foreign).

They were digging and digging inside the toy box, it has no bottom.  

He loves me, he loves me not, he loves me....

The other day Ethan wanted me to lay down in his bed and snuggle.  As I put my head on his pillow, it was all lumpy.  I knew he liked to stash things under there for safe keeping, but I had no idea how many treasures he had collected!  A truck, dump truck, dinosaur, pencil, Alec's display airplane (sneaky thief), a bracelet, my hairspray lid (I've seriously been looking for that!), a tissue, a rock, and lastly, a Sweetart that says "Kiss Me".

Hoard much, Ethan?

The other morning they both found a pair of Nick's shoes and walked around barking orders to their "workers".

Yesterday we went to a park down the street since it was pretty nice outside.  Ethan asked to climb this tree so Alec and I watched as they both inched their way up. Ethan seemed little nervous but it probably looked like 100 feet to the ground to him, so I'm sure his feelings were legit.

This morning I caught these two "nuggling" in our bed.  It's a real treat when Alec will sit still long enough to cuddle up to, he's not much for lengthy snuggling.  Ethan would probably lay with one of us for hours, so don't feel bad for Nick and me, we still get our snuggles one way or another.

No idea why this picture has a big line across it (one of those many quirks, I suppose).  But the boys are major bed-jumpers.  And they don't discriminate beds either.  It's a good thing I don't like making beds, as they just get messed up anyway.

 Nearly every night, from 6:15 to 7:15, these three play a big game of wrestling.  Two against one. 

A couple weeks ago it was in the 60's so we dusted the cobwebs off Ethan's bike and took it for a spin. He told me Mr. Lion wanted to go so I used a belt and strapped the furry tag-along on.  Ethan gave Mr. Lion a tour of our neighborhood, pointing out sights of interest along the way. 

Ethan was invited to his first preschool friend's birthday party.  Her name is Avery (third from the left) and Ethan most definitely is smitten with her.  You can tell he's got a little crush on her, he tells me all sorts of things about her after school.  "Avery worn a Hello Kitty shirt today, Mom. She told me that I could go to her house today after school, so just drop me off, her mom said it was ok." 

Birthday party face paint.  Guess if there were any tears when this started rubbing off?!

Being Daddy again.

Nick and I had date night a couple weekends ago.  We love the restaurant NoRTH in Leawood, so we went there for a lovely meal and then to a bar for a drink or two.  Horrible picture, I know, but proof of our night out!

Grandma and my niece, Dakota, came to visit a couple weekends ago (hence the previous babysitters!).  Ethan and Alec are seriously over the moon when they come to visit.  And Dakota is such a trooper, that girl plays non-stop with the boys.  She'll make a super babysitter someday!

Ethan and Dakota snuggling up.

It was a really cold day but the boys KEPT ON asking to go outside, so I sent them out.  Ethan looks like he has to pee and Alec looks like he's already peeing.  Lovely picture.

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