Friday, March 1, 2013

Snow Daze

We are currently buried in about 18" of snow and it doesn't seem to be leaving us anytime soon.  Ethan is in snow-heaven while Alec just thinks it looks pretty.  Last week when we got our first batch of snow, it was during the day so the boys were in awe of watching it come down.  There was even some thunder mixed in. 

After it stopped snowing we spent the next 30 minutes getting everyone bundled up to play. There's a lot of layers than must be applied!

Ethan had snow down his shirt, up his sleeves and in his boots but this kid is a TROOPER! He didn't want to come in and swore he wasn't cold, but Alec was more than ready to shake the snow off his boots so we made our way in.

I had some hot chocolate ready for the kids to thaw them out. Something was awfully funny to them, and I'm pretty sure it involved the word "poop" on repeat. What is it with that word?!

I knew that school was going to be called off for at least a couple days so I found some fun things to do inside the house to kill some time.  
 Lots and lots of time.

Spider-Man 'sspider web (painter's tape) with flies.

Baked cinnamon sugar snowflake tortillas.  Alec couldn't get his fast enough.

Nick made us a fire a couple of times, the boys like getting their backs warmed up.  You can't see it in the picture, but it's there.

 Meanwhile, the second round of snow moved through.

We colored super hero pictures while wearing our super hero costumes.  I was Black Widow, if you wanted to know.

While Alec was napping, Ethan helped me put together crock pot chili.  There's a half bottle of beer in it, so he thought it was pretty weird to pour that in.

Ethan's firetruck puzzle.

 Poor Alec, it seems we get to do all the fun things while he's napping.  Here, Ethan is helping me make sugar cookies.  He's got a knack for rolling dough, must've picked that up from Grandma.
Once he was finished I asked him to go wash his hands.  He usually steps on the toilet lid (because a step stool would be too easy?) and can easily reach the sink.   While I was cleaning up the messy flour and egg on the floor I heard a loud splash.  Then his voice, "I just fell in the toilet!".  It was lovely.

A few minutes later, Alec woke up and wanted to play. He wanted to play the lightning-fast-speedy-grab-every-game-you-see-and-play-with-it-for-1-minute game.

Wooden animals: 3 minutes

 Wooden Animals asleep on his Puppy Pillow: 30 seconds
Three hundred *bonus points if anyone correctly guess what in the heck is going on in the background.  Hint: those are not my legs.

Letters Game: 2 minutes

Spider-Man vs Lizard-Man: 1 minute
There were more games but I couldn't take pictures fast enough.

 After Ethan got up, they decorated the cookies while I sat back and took a short break.  Alec ate 2 of them right away and Ethan ate half of his HUGE cookie and saved the other half for later.  Too much of a good thing, I think.

He's getting upset that I keep taking his picture. Every 3 minutes. 

 Shoveling in shorts is cool.

Time for a little bit of a super hero break.  They snuggled in our bed to watch a cartoon while I honed my laundry folding skills.  If you don't use it, you lose it, you know.

Snowflakes and cotton balls.  I honestly thought Alec would be all about this little project but nope, he glued one cotton ball to his paper and then cried because he had glue stuck to his hand.  But Ethan, he stayed in his chair and made a few different flakes.  We hung them in his bedroom.

Nick likes to liven things up a bit now and again, so he plopped Ethan up on top of our cabinets and walked away.  Two things we learned from that.  One: Ethan would've stayed up there for a loooong time if it were up to him.  Two: the tops of our cabinets may have 5 inches of dust on them.

That pretty much sums up what we did to pass time around our house. It's been a week since we first got all this snow and as I finish up this post, it's snowing again.  It isn't supposed to amount to anything so that's good.  I'd like to say we'll be getting out of the house regularly but Alec just came down with something had has had a fever.  I'm pretty sure we've just been passing this sickness from one person to another.  I'm ready for spring!

*Bonus question answer: Nick was doing reverse sit ups. You're welcome love muffin!

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  1. I love that someone is following my cookie decorating skills. I think Tyce has a little of that ability also, he likes to roll out dough also. Looks like everyone had fun but glad the sun is going to melt that snow so you all can get outside.

  2. You are a snow-day sensei! Love the reverse sit-ups!