Friday, April 12, 2013

Gold dolphins, FLY, Shoulder rides, Easter and more!

Ethan wanted to know why the makers of Goldfish didn't branch out a little, so he wrote and mailed them a letter.  They sent him a form letter and a 50 cent coupon, so boo! for Pepperidge Farms.  He worked hard on his little letter.  

We finally took the front off Alec's bed, so it's a hotspot for the boys to play now.  They can often be found in here hopping on his bed together.

 Cool dudes in their handsome shirts.

We enjoyed a couple lovely days of weather last week and took a couple walks in the neighborhood.  The boys can take shoulder breaks if their legs get tired.  They're never too old for a ride.

On another nice day last weekend, we drove up to the Plaza for lunch and a couple stores.  Superhero's are still popular in our house, and it's not uncommon for one of the boys to have on a costume wherever we go (I gave that fight up a long time ago).  Alec liked getting some attention from strangers but Ethan was quick to tell everyone that he was not the real batman.

Coloring dino-eggs

Bunny Loot

Easter day was gorgeous, so we went to a park Nick stumbled upon.  Beth brought over some Oklahoma Joe's for lunch and we had a few egg hunts throughout the day.  It was a nice relaxing day.

Right after this picture Ethan whispered to me that he thought the bunny was a fake because he could see someone's eyes behind the bunny's eyes.  And why wasn't he blinking? Ha! I told him I didn't get close enough to notice but was pretty sure he was legit.  

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  1. Alec's room is absolutely adorable - that "fly" motif is too cute!

    I love the Easter Bunny picture...and the letter wrote to Pepperidge Farms to no avail.

    Happy Spring - finally!