Thursday, May 23, 2013

Poop? Check. Pump? Check.

Two things are happening in our house, and both of them make my job as a mother that much easier. Let me explain!

If you're squeamish then look away now.  Skip to the video at the very bottom, it's not gross at all.
Too late, you looked didn't you?

That's right, he pooped in his potty and we took a picture of the whole thing.  We're proud of poop, it's worth TWO jelly beans, you know.  Alec is doing a fantastic job potty training, I really thought that since Ethan was a breeze then I'd pay for it when Alec's time came.  But he proved me wrong.  He's a professional pee-er and pooper.  His jelly beans are almost gone but he seems just as excited to get hugs and high fives for using the toilet.  Yea!!

Another development as of a day ago is shown in this awesome video:

That's right, he can pump his little legs all on his own while I sit on my duff.  It took some time but he finally got the feel for it.  Now I'll work on the husband and see if he can get the feel for the dishwasher.  I might be out of a job before long.  Good thing Nick has one lined up for me later this year (more on that some other time!)

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