Tuesday, May 14, 2013

St. Louis Weekend Getaway

My mom joined the boys and me for a quick trip to St. Louis a couple weekends ago.  Wouldn't you know, the one weekend in May we picked was a weekend it snowed here all the way to St. Louis. Sick joke, mother nature.  But we braved the snow and rain and still had a really good time despite the sogginess.

The car ride was just under five hours on the way up, we had numerous pit stops for this and that, and it was snowing or raining the entire way.  But we made our way to The Magic House for the afternoon.  This place was everything I'd hoped.  They had a little bit of everything for kids to do....a weather room, construction area (Ethan's favorite), presidential room, play market, bank, fishing, post office, vet, and much much more.  The entire place actually has two separate wings and I completely forgot about the second wing, then remembered right as we were finishing up.  So we stayed a bit longer to check that out, too.

Jack and the Beanstalk (Alec wouldn't do it, but Ethan loved climbing)

Alec might have a future as a meteorologist!?

Grandma and Alec learning about sunlight heat.

Ethan talking to the Mayor of St. Louis

President E. Naparstek

President A. Naparstek

This construction area was really neat.  They had a two-story "house" that was partially finished with instructions on how to continue.  Ethan spent a long time here while Alec and Grandma were inside the planning room making up blueprints. 

You can't make it out, but Ethan in up on the second story of this house fitting PVC pipes inside the walls and laying tile flooring.  I hope he learned a thing or two, I've got a few projects in mind for our house.
He ran the hot and cold water lines to the bathtub then laid down some red tile to match.

All of these pictures are from just one half of the place, my phone's battery died as we went into the other side.  So no pictures unless Grandma took some.  But the other side was where they got to "fish", work at a vet's office, grocery shop, rob a bank and play in a large water display.  What a fun place, we'll definitely try to return the next time we visit.

The next day was cool with a few sprinkles but we managed to go to the Arch and the St. Louis Zoo before we headed home.  

This picture sums up Alec's attitude once we reached the top of the arch, ha!

Grandma and Ethan at the top!

What a cool view

Alec was done and Ethan was putting on his pout face just for show.

We moved on to the St. Louis Zoo next.  We didn't stay long as we needed to head back home.  But we were able to see a few animals.  Didn't take many pictures here.

Til next time, St. Louis!

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