Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Long gone are the training wheels

First he decided he could swing on his own, now he's started riding his bike without training wheels.   He went from zero to sixty in one full day, it's pure craziness.  Alec was nice to share his new Toot Scoot bike with Ethan and after seeing how easily he was able to "ride" it, Nick thought he was ready for the training wheels to come off his bike.  I was a little more hesitant and expected there to be weeks of bruised knees and elbows but like I've always said, Ethan never ceases to surprise me.

Here he is vrooming around on the Toot Scoot

And this is yesterday (the first day with no training wheels...and a flat back tire!):

This morning (new tire!):

This afternoon:

You should see the excitement in Ethan's eyes, he's so proud of himself (and so are we).

He's working on getting himself going on his own, he needs help most of the time, but I'd say he's doing an awesome job in only a couple days!!  Alec is also getting more comfortable with his Toot Scoot, he's starting to go faster and pick up his legs and coast.  I can only imagine what it'll be like a couple years from now.

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