Sunday, June 23, 2013

Picture Party!

Time to squeeze in some random pictures from the past few months.  Can't let these memories just wither away, you know. 

Alec got to check out  Papa's tractor while we were there for a weekend.  He and Ethan got a ride on it with Grandma around the farm.  Alec said that was his favorite part.

To keep the boys active, Nick puts them through workouts (they love it...weirdos, I know).  Here's Ethan showing off his awesome Wall Walk abilities!  Seriously, he's got some skills.  The headband probably helps too.

Disco dance party!  This one should've been a video, it was as hilarious as it looks.

Silly picture with Papa and Grandma at Deanna Rose Farm

A bit more serious now.

Both the boys caught a couple fish at Deanna Rose, Ethan even grabbed one which surprised me.  I think he let Papa put all the worms on though.

These were supposed to Hulk pudding cups but they ended up looking more like green ninjas.  A little food coloring, pudding, crumbled up oreo cookies and a sharpie...that's all you need!

I saw the above wreath on a blog I follow and knew instantly that I wanted to try and copy it.  Mine is the picture below.  In a few years I hope it'll look a little more distressed like the original, but I love the pop of color it adds to our front porch.  I already had everything except the wreath form, so it was less than $5 and took me about an hour to make (wreath form, red, white and blue paint, burlap strips and some hot glue, that's it!)

Head lock love.  The boys could wrestle with Nick all day long.  Really, they're quite a rowdy bunch when Nick's in the mood to get beat up.  There's lots of pretend (and some accidental) punches, kicks and headlocks going on here.  I leave all that up to the boys and stick to the play dough and paints.

Lots of hugging after the wrestling, they're good sports.  This picture was taken on Father's Day, so there was loads of hugging and snuggling this day.

Lastly, a picture of me and my girlfriends! (I have no why it looks like we're all orange, by the way)  I went to Wichita to help throw a baby shower for my friend Jenny (center).  I've known her since grade school and she'll be the first to admit that she never pictured herself as a mother.  But she's very excited and has had a great pregnancy so far, I can't wait for her to experience everything else! It was so fun getting together with the girls without a bunch of our children running around.  Between the 5 of us, we have 7 kids and one in the oven.  Who would've thought!? 

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