Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Big 3!

Dear Alec,

I hope you can read by now, because this blog post about your birthday is looooong!  Be prepared!

Sunday was your third birthday, can you believe it?! You've been so excited about your upcoming day for several weeks and once it was finally here you enjoyed every minute of it.  Ethan wondered why you weren't taller when you woke up and you asked me why you hadn't gotten bigger.  It was a cute little conversation.

We kept your big day very low key because just how much excitement can a three year old handle?! We started with donuts for breakfast (your request) after you opened some gifts. Grandma and Dakota even came up to celebrate! You'd been telling me for weeks that you wanted to go swimming on your birthday and since it was a little chilly we decided to go to the indoor pool at our gym.  Everyone had a great time.

After swimming we went to Red Robin, where you got your wish of macaroni and apple slice lunch.  You are so easy to please!  They sang Happy Birthday to you (you asked me about 12 times to tell our waitress it was your birthday), but as they did, I could tell you didn't like the attention.  Your dad is like that, so I wasn't too surprised.  You even got a big ice cream sundae and strangely enough, you gave it all to your brother.  Ethan gobbled up half of it before getting a full belly.

Immediately after lunch we went back home (you rode home with Nana because you were so excited to see the gift she had for you!) and you opened your last present.  You really got some great toys, you know.  A couple Hulks, a CAT construction truck, bean bag toss, a Toot Scoot bike, a helmet, Captain America and some money. 

To round out your day, we had cake and ice cream.  You were all over the board as far as cake requests, so I made an easy Hulk cake and I think you liked it.  It's gone now but you had exactly FIVE pieces!!  You loved the icing most.

Here are lots of pictures from your big day:

Blowing out your 3 candles

Opening some mini cars

Trying on your new Cars helmet that Dad and Ethan picked out

 Getting your Hulk from Grandma, you really liked this guy.

Riding your new Toot Scoot bike, it has no pedals and is supposed to help little kids balance and prepare for a bike with no training wheels.  We'll see!  So far, you are very conservative on it.  Ethan loves riding it too, he's quite good (so much so, that Daddy took his training wheels off!).

You look absolutely adorable scooting around.

Pool party!

You and Dakota splashing

Daddy and you playing

Dakota liked your cake, too.

Grandma and Nana were there to give you lots of birthday love!

For dinner, Daddy grilled some brats and hotdogs and we all wore our Happy Birthday hats for you.

Enjoying more cake.
 I love this picture of you.  The other kids had finished their dinner and didn't want any cake but you did and you were so dang cute sitting out there all by yourself eating every last bite.  I caught a glimpse of you through the kitchen window and sat for a minute just watching you be your cute little self, enjoying the simple things in your little world. 
 I want to bottle this picture up and keep it forever.

To even say that you are three sounds odd to me.  You are my youngest and when my youngest stops being a toddler and starts turning into a young boy, it's a little bittersweet.  You've started wearing big boy underwear now (a few accidents here and there, but you've done amazing!), you can communicate with the best of them, you can count, know your colors and you got your first bike to call your very own, so I'd say you are definitely out of the toddler category.  I like to read past blog posts and see how much you've changed and what things have stayed the same, it's so much fun to see you grow.

For the majority of the time you are a go-with-the-flow type kid, but at the drop of a dime you can change your attitude and turn into a little (cute) monster.  You know how to throw a fit and how to shed a tear but you also know how to get over it quickly.  You like to snuggle with me and daddy, and you give Ethan some squeezes, too.  Ethan looooves to make you laugh, unfortunately it usually involves the words poop, pee, butt, or penis.  Yes, you two are 100% boy.

You are still into superhero's, not one of them being a favorite for more than an hour though.  Your daddy pillow puppy is probably the most important of any of your things, he sleeps with you every night.  Speaking of sleeping, you have a bout of not wanting to nap a few months ago but thankfully that faded and you are back to your regular schedule.  You nap once everyday and usually welcome it. You wake up in the 6:00am hour but always play quietly until 7:10, at which time your alarm clock turns green and you know it's ok to get up.

You seem to enjoy our regular weekly schedule and know that Tuesdays are the days you go to Nana's for a morning play date and that Fridays are Ethan's days.  You know you can wear a costume to the gym on Wednesdays and that Ethan has t-ball practice on Thursdays.  You have a few little friends at the gym who you like to talk about and you've even got a mild crush on one of the kid care ladies there named Kristen.  Oh, and according to you, you wished you could kiss a grill (girl).  I think your dad and I might have to keep an eye on you in the years ahead!

We still call you "Allie" or "Albert" (??ask your dad where Albert came from??) in addition to your real name, and every now and then you'll correct us by saying "I'm not Albert, I'm  Ow-ick", but it's just habit and you may be 27 years old and answering to a girls name.  Hopefully you won't mind.

I absolutely love every single bit of you, you make me smile so many times throughout the day.  Sometimes you'll surprise me with a full on bear hug sealed with a kiss (without even asking for one!) and I soak it up like it's my last one.  I take a picture with my memory when you flash that huge teethy smile, showing off your cute dimple.  Your eyes (now greenish) literally light up the place and anyone who gets a chance to see that should thank you for brightening their day.

I hope your 3rd birthday was a fun one and while I can't wait to celebrate your next birthday, I'm so happy to get to enjoy you while you're still three.

I love you,

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