Monday, July 8, 2013

Mr. Lion

I mentioned in my last post that Ethan has a buddy named Mr. Lion.  He's always cuddled up close to him at bedtime and is always there when Ethan needs a little comfort.  He's like medicine, makes everything better.

I remember plucking him from the toy shelf at Target one day while shopping.  Ethan was around a year old and I was trying to keep him happy while I browsed.  Retail employees LOVE moms with kids...we will take anything off the shelf and give it to our children, then put it away no where near it's original location.  I still do it, and I only feel a tiny bit of guilt about it (many years of being on the employee side!).

Anyway, I found the picture I took of these two when they first met.  I remember thinking it was so cute that Ethan was hugging and kissing him, little did I know they'd grow to be besties. Sometimes those impulse buys are regretful but this one turned out to be one of the best buys.

Four years, hundreds of hug, a haircut!, and several washings later....
...thanks for being a good pal, Mr. Lion.

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