Monday, July 29, 2013

Shawnee Mission Park

One of the great things the KC area has to offer is several different parks with hiking trails, lakes, paths and playgrounds, all within a short drive.  Shawnee Mission park has become one of our favorites lately. 

The past two Sundays have been absolutely beautiful and unseasonably cool (70's and low 80's!) so we've been to that park two weekends in a row.  There are several trails for runners and bikers, and we've walked the shortest path a couple of times now.  The boys like looking for "treasures" and different bugs to check out.  

We also stumbled upon a little island with the PERFECT climbing tree.  It's Ethan's favorite thing about the park.

 Just this past weekend we headed back to the park and did it all over again.  We took the short hike, the boys rode their bikes and then Nana joined us for lunch.  

After bike riding and lunch we headed down to the lake area and thought it'd be fun to rent a couple paddle boats.  The weather couldn't have been better, nice and cool.  

Do you think Ethan had a good time or what?!

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