Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Daddy Puppy Love

Just as Ethan has Mr. Lion, Alec has a best buddy too.  His name is Daddy Puppy.  Daddy Puppy has a baby, her name is Baby Puppy.  We are so original with the names aren't we?  I've probably written about Daddy Puppy before, but I've put together some pictures of them to share.  

He received it as a Christmas gift on his first Christmas.  It wasn't until he was a couple years old that he really grew attached, and now he sleeps with him every single night.

Recently, I've been able to snap pictures of him fast asleep squeezing his buddy:


Fell asleep on his bedroom floor the other night:

Daddy Puppy helped the transition of this toddler crib to his new big boy bed: 

Some earlier pictures of these two friends:

Both Daddy and Baby Puppy got some snuggle time here:

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