Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Parks and Recreation

Three posts in a couple of days?! I'm on a roll!

I'm going to clump some of our adventures into a tidy little post.  I only seem to take one or two pictures when we're out and about, so nothing worth it's own post.  

 Rock climbing a a park on a LOVELY afternoon.  I started to sweat because I was so nervous Alec was going to fall off the top, but he stayed put: 

Cute little kid area in Towne Center:

 We went to an event called Wheels and Squeals just up the road from our house.  They had army artillery, hot rods and BBQ.  The kids enjoyed the scenery:

This is how they get along 50% of the time: 

It all started with a tiny comment Nick made about the spare bedroom color (granted, it was the color YAM) that led me to paint three rooms in our house in just as many days.

Decisions, decisions!  Seriously, my brain was mush once I was complete.  And let it be known, these tiny swatches I paint on the wall DO NOT help make the decision any easier.  I have to paint the entire wall, sometimes the entire room before I decide it's the right color.  Therein lies my problem with chronic painting and repainting.  Ugh. 

Then I moved on to our dark chocolate bathroom.  I painted the ENTIRE room, including trim, before deciding the blue/gray color was just too purply.  So I painted it again the next day.  It's gray now and it's staying that way.  Good thing I like gray. 

 The next victim was our kitchen.  The previous owners had done a textured wall with a beige-ish/greenish glaze.  It was just ok, nothing we loved but we didn't hate it either.  Since the gray worked so well in the bathroom (which is right off the kitchen), we went with a lighter gray for the kitchen.
Apparently I don't know how to take before and after pictures.  But I assure you it all looks lovely.  I even rearranged both boys' rooms *again*, in addition to painting Alec's new big boy bed (Nick's childhood bed) annnnnnnnnd....found a little dresser for Alec and gave it a couple coats of paint.  I think I might like to paint?!?

The boys rode their Jeep to the pool awhile back and Ethan wanted his picture taken in front of this Bronco in the background.  He thought they looked a lot alike. 

Building towers in his clubhouse: 

The boys were invited to a friend's birthday party last month, he was turning 6.  They had a ball and we didn't get home until 8:45pm that night, so it was a late night to bed but they both conked out since they were exhausted from running around!

We met up with a friend her her 3 little ones for a game of bowling several weeks ago.  We hadn't done that since Ethan was 2.  They really had a lot of fun, I wasn't sure how it'd go, but I'm glad we went.  It was cheap entertainment and fun for them.  Score!



If the above videos don't work for you, here's a weird version of them:

Alright, I think that sums up our last few months of summer.  Ethan is very much looking forward to Halloween so maybe I'll have a post or two ready by then!

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  1. If ever you get the urge to paint any more, feel free to come visit me in NY...I have a LOT of painting that needs to be done!! :)

    BTW - LOVE the picture of E with the cool shades...he looks so big and handsome! :)